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UEFA Champions League Match Predictions: Group F

Arsenal: Arsène Wenger reflects on Champions League progression - video

Arsenal: Arsène Wenger reflects on Champions League progression - video

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The UEFA Champions League group stage is just one of the many ferocious stages that the competing clubs have to overcome before the finals. The challenge is rather exciting than nerve-racking for the Group F players. The round will serve as a pivot to allow the likes of Arsenal, Napoli, Marseille, and Borussia Dortmund to achieve enhanced grooming for the global audience. With one leg down, the group’s second set of matches will be held on October 1.


Arsenal vs. Napoli


Arsenal embarked on an away match at the Stade Vélodrome to open their Champions League stint. Despite initially looking uninspired in the tourney’s earlier portions, the Arsène Wenger-managed side were able to thrash their French opponents Marseille in a 2-1 finish—a club-record tenth consecutive away success in all competitions. A goal by Theo Walcott in the 65th minute took the squad into the driving seat. Agile Aaron Ramsey doubled his side’s lead seven minutes before closing. At the brink of the match’s conclusion, a late goal by Jordan Ayew gave the Germans an assurance that they will not leave their own pitch completely devastated. In addition to their Champions League opening-day success, Arsenal are also doing tremendously well in the English Premier League. The club have already accumulated a total score of 12 points from five matches. Thanks to four victories, the London-based warriors are currently placed atop the charts.


Napoli’s interesting slamming of last season’s runners up in the Champions League opening-day was a feat for the Italian side. Positioned off to a great start with a 2-1 win over Borussia Dortmund, Rafael Benítez’s men will surely expect similar success in their subsequent matches. Gonzalo Higuain and Lorenzo Insigne both put their German rivals in a dangerous position, after scoring the first two goals in the tourney. An 87th minute goal by Camilo Zúñiga gave Borussia Dortmund their first inning but the time (or opportunities) was no longer enough to follow it up with an equalizer to Napoli’s scores. Meanwhile in the Italian top-tier football, Napoli continue to make a solid Serie A form. The club already have 12 points under their belt, amassed through four consecutive wins. They currently rank in the table’s second best spot.


Football betting tip: Arsenal and Napoli are undoubtedly strong contenders to clad the continental tournament. Both sides have gone successful in their opening-day stints as well as leading or nearly leading their pack in their respective leagues. For this round, a tight encounter is sure to take place. However, having an ensemble slightly riper than their adversary’s, the English squad will rule this match over in a narrow 2-1 victory.


Borussia Dortmund vs. Marseille


Finishing as runners up in their respective leagues last season, German Borussia Dortmund and French Marseille are now ready to engage in a fierce second combat in the Champions League. Following an unsuccessful debut in the tournament, the sides are determined to make a good comeback and dominate the group.


Marseille had to endure a hard-fought opening-day match with Arsenal, before going home as underdogs. The English players opened the scoring via Theo Walcott’s 65th minute goal and less than 20 minutes later, Aaron Ramsey doulbled their team’s lead. A late penalty goal from Jordan Ayew ensured that the French club, despite losing the match, will not leave the pitch empty-handed. Meanwhile in Ligue 1, Marseille remain a major threat for other French teams after winning four of their last seven matches and accumulating a total score of 14 points to rank in the table’s second highest spot.


German superpower Borussia Dortmund had to open their Champions League campaign with a shy start after Italian opponents, Napoli, scored more goals than they did. Last season’s runners up were mocked by an opening goal by Napoli’s Gonzalo Higuaín—his ninth goal in the competition (but first for his new side). A free-kick from Lorenzo Insigne midway through the second half put the Serie A leaders under control of the clash, before Camilo Zúñiga almost threatened them with an 87th minute goal for the Germans. As for their Bundesliga efforts, Borussia Dortmund are leading the entire pack with five out of their six matches they finished in massive successes.


Football betting tip: It comes without question that Borussia Dortmund and Marseille are two if the strongest clubs to ever cloak the UEFA portfolio. In this match, the sides’ individual prowess will certainly be showcased. It would just be a matter of proper execution of their respective coaches’ commands to set the winners of this battle. By the end of the tourney, a narrow one-goal lead will allow the Germans to mark their first win in the season.