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UEFA Champions League Football Betting Tips: Group D



Bayern Munich

Leading their group with a wide margin, Bayern Munich have proven themselves to be the powerhouse any other superpower would fear to clash with. The defending champions have never been defeated in all of the three group stage tourneys they had this season, adding to their 15–match unbeaten record in all competitions. Apparently, they are the most preferred team by online betting enthusiasts to win (again) the entire continental tournament. Der FCB’s 1-3 away victory over Manchester City was considered by many analysts to be one of the most impressive battering on an equally powerful club in recent memory. More astonishing finishes should be expected from Bayern Munich in the fixtures to come.


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Manchester City

Two out of their three group stage matches gave Manchester City a total of six points in the Champions League. Their curtain raiser saw them bludgeon Viktoria Plzen in a clean sheet, from which Dzeko, Toure and Aguero delivered one goal apiece. In their second fixture, however, The Citizens had their most painful defeats in recent years. The side were pounded by German powerhouse and current table leaders, Bayern Munich, in a 1-3 finish. If not for the 79th minute goal by Negredo, Manchester City would have gone home empty-handed. In their most recent battle, Manuel Pellegrini’s troupe redeemed themselves with a triumph over CSKA Moscow. The side are able-bodied to maintain their second placement in the group, but a rally toward the top spot may prove very difficult.


CSKA Moscow

The Russian squad are seven points short to topple Bayern Munich in the table’s top spot, and four points short to overtake second placers, Manchester City. Currently in the bottom half, CSKA Moscow had a mixed, but generally terrible, run in the Champions League. They were beaten twice in the season, and only managed to win once. Zoran Tosic was Koni’s most valuable player, scoring goals in the two occasions his troupe won over their opponents. However, he and his colleagues should bulk up their intensities more in their future fixtures. The top two clubs are very strong contenders, and if Moscow want to replace any of them, they should start showing impressions that any other club would not be able to do so.


Viktoria Plzen

Maybe it was coach Pavel Vrba’s fault that Viktoria Plzen failed to obtain even just a single point in the Champions League, but the players themselves could also be blamed for their loss. Regardless of who is responsible, the Russian squad are in dire need of a radical reform for them to progress in the continental competition. Dwelling in the table’s bottom is highly depressing, but doing nothing to abate this misery would be much more embarrassing.