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Schalke 04 vs. Chelsea Prediction: String Of Injuries Endanger Schalke And Chelsea


Match Date: 22 October 2013 (local time)

Venue: Veltins Arena



xpect a hard-fought battle to explode in Veltins Arena as Schalke and Chelsea meets for the Champions League tournament. Both clubs are suffering from the problems brought by injuries. However, the two are also willing to fight tooth and nail in order to claim one of the most coveted silverware.


Team Form

Schalke 04

Schalke is in danger of having its first taste of defeat in the Champions League as several of its key players are unsure of making it to the pitch.


Despite keeping a clean slate in the tournament, Schalke might just bow down to Chelsea. Three (3) of its key players are nursing an injury and it remains unclear on whether they can make it during the encounter.




First in the list is Klaas Jaan Huntelaar. Huntelaar has been sidelined early in this season. A stubborn knee problem kept them on the bench and missed some of the most important matches. A glimmer of light shone upon the club though when Huntelaar started training, but this only lead to more problems as the knee injury recurred.


Next in the list is Kevin Prince Boateng. Similar to Huntelaar, Boateng is also having problems with his left knee and there is still, no clarification if he can make it. However, Boateng sprinkles a glimmer of hope with his fast recovery.


Boateng has been an integral part in the club’s offensive side and was able to help lift Schalke move out of the bottom pit.


Lastly, there is Jefferson Farfan, who is nursing a groin injury.


With the seemingly series of unfortunate events, Schalke 04’s winning spree is put on the line.



Schalke is not alone in battling over injury issues. Chelsea has its own set of private hells to deal with as well. Like Schalke, the idea of waiting for their injured members to recover has been giving a severe headache to the rest of the squad.


Ashley Cole, for one, is experiencing a rib injury. Such dilemma has prevented the player from making it to England’s most recent qualifying match. So far, his current condition hardly shows signs of him entering the pitch during the Cardiff encounter and so is the Schalke face-off.
Meanwhile, a strained ligament will keep Fernando Torres on the bench for a match or two.


Adding more pressure is the news of Boateng’s fast recovery. The match against Schalke readily pressures Chelsea to score a victory. They lost their initial encounter and this could be their last chance to move into another phase of the tournament.


Football betting tip: Schalke 04 1-1 Chelsea

Both clubs are directly affected by their player’s injuries and the pressure brought by the tournament that there is a high possibility for the match to end in a draw.
Indeed, Boateng’s fast recovery spells good news for Schalke. Currently, it looks like the team has already found the perfect combination of its players—a formation that would greatly compensate with the absence of another. Boateng, Huntelaar and Farfan still has the possibility of being sidelined. However, one should not forget that the club still has Uchida, Meyer and Draxler, who can carry the club to victory.


Relatively, Chelsea has their own set of notable players that can help the squad survive even with the absence of another. But of course, there is Lampard and Mata to serve a dose of inspiration for their determined teammates.



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