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Champions League Match Prediction: CSKA Moscow vs. Manchester City



Match Date: 23 October 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Arena Khimki


CSKA Moscow

At the Russian Premier League, CSKA Moscow have noticeably dwindled. The defending champions have recently been conceding more goals than what they could afford. They slid to number five by week 12, a significant drop from their standing from last season. As if the terrible dilemma in the domestic football tournament was not yet appalling, the side have extended their ill projection to the Champions League. A horrible 3-0 away defeat from Bayern Munich sealed Koni’s opening fixture in the tournament’s Group Stage, and though they managed to succeed in their second match (over Viktoria Plzeň 3-2), the opening downfall was just too lugging that they ended with a negative-digit goal difference. The side are currently ranked in the group table’s bottom half.


Manchester City

Manchester City kicked off their campaign for the Champions League Group Stage with a riveting away victory against Viktoria Plzeň. A clean sheet, the success was fueled by the powerful innings of Sergio Aguero, Edin Dzeko, and Yaya Toure. In their second stint, however, The Citizens obtained an embarrassing 1-3 home defeat from Bayern Munich. Negredo was the only player from the British pack to score a goal in the match, while Ribery, Muller, and Robben all scored for the German visitors. Meanwhile, in the English top-tier league, Manchester City have slipped to number five from last season’s second-spot placement. Of the seven fixtures they had this term, four were impressive victories, one finished in a draw, and two concluded in a defeat.


Champions League betting tip: CSKA Moscow and Manchester City are both highly esteemed clubs in their respective countries, but within the walls of the continental joist, they are less spectacular than the likes of Real Madrid, Milan, and group-mates, Bayern Munich. Nevertheless, the sides are still very capable of amusing their supporters. In this particular round, however, one squad could well thrash the other. A narrow 1-2 away win by Manchester City will finish this tourney.


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