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Champions League Match Prediction: Bayer Leverkusen vs. Shakhtar Donetsk



Match Date: 23 October 2013 (local)

Match Venue: BayArena, Leverkusen


Bayer Leverkusen

Leverkusen midfielder Simon Rolfes may have been able to equalize Wayne Rooney’s opening goal in the Champions League Group Stage’s curtain raiser at Old Trafford, but the massive attacks of Persie, Valencia, and another goal by Rooney were powerful enough to pick up good points and give the British men the upper hand in the fixture. Even the late rally by Topeak was not sufficient to hold the match to a draw. This marked Bayer Leverkusen’s frail debut in the round. Fortunately, the side earned a sizable victory in their second (and most recent) match when they welcomed Real Sociedad to BayArena. Thanks to the sprightly tandem of Rolfes and Hegeler, the German swarm managed to bag three points to pin them just above the UEFA group’s bottom.


Shakhtar Donetsk

Current standings narrowly put Shakhtar Donetsk at number two, but tied with fellow online betting favorites, Manchester United, at number one in terms of total points earned from two Group Stage matches. At the round’s first match day, the Ukrainian champions slammed Real Sociedad to win the opening tourney. The double-dose innings by Alex Teixeira ensured that his troupe’s target of a clean sheet against the Spaniards would materialize. In their most recent combat, the Miners were forced to draw with Manchester United after extremely good defenses from both squads made it hard for them to score more than one goal. Regardless, the side are off to a good start after debuting in the tournament unbeaten.


Champions League betting tip: This will be a match between the UEFA Group A table’s middle occupants. Strong pitch forces would certainly spoil BayArena’s turf, but could also exhaust the contenders due to the battle’s frenzied nature. By the conclusion of this round, a deadlock will ink the scoreboard.


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