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Champions League Group Stage Prediction: Group E

Manchester City - Champions League

Match Date: 25 November 2014 (local time)


CSKA Moscow vs. AS Roma

Securing its first Champions League win against the online betting favorite, Manchester City, CSKA Moscow is hopeful that they shall advance in the next stage of the competition. The Russian outfit has already accumulated four (4) points since the tournament started and while it’s true that the said points are far from being impressive, they are nonetheless, tied with the Italy’s capital club, AS Roma.


Aside from sharing the same points with Roma, the squad’s confidence also stems from the fact that they have a home court advantage to use against the visitor. However, CSKA Moscow cannot afford to be complacent.


Roma is in good shape. The club remains a strong title contender in Serie A and like CSKA Moscow, they are also confident that they can bring home the bacon. It is a bit hard for them to back down easily since they literally have no reason to mess up their upcoming match. They’re doing well in the domestic league so that should lessen the pressure that they feel towards their awaited clash against the Russian giant.


Prediction: 1-2


Manchester City - Champions League


Manchester City vs. Bayern Munich

Manchester City is on the verge of desperation as it tries to clinch its first Champions League victory. But it seems that they’ll have to deal with an early exit since the results of their previous encounters have already lowered their chances of qualifying into the next stage.


With only two (2) points under its belt, City will find it difficult to snatch three (3) solid points from Bayern Munich. The latter has been undefeated since the tournament started and showed no signs of slowing down.


City could force a draw, but it is more likely that they’ll have to work on avoiding a possible thrashing.


Prediction: 1-3


Image Source: Telegraph