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Champions League Group Stage Prediction: Group D

Borussia Dortmund-Champions League

Match Date: 09 December 2014 (local time)


Galatasaray vs. Arsenal

Arsenal is desperate for a win in order for them to gain the support and appeal from the crowd. The squad, most especially, its head honcho, Arsene Wenger was heavily criticized when they suffered an unexpected defeat to Stoke. Its supporters’ disappointed reaction could readily affect the club’s morale. This is despite the fact that they fared well in the competition. Galatasaray could heavily use such scenario to dominate the club and gain some points prior to exiting the tournament. The Turkish outfit hasn’t won a single match since the Group Stage and there’s no better way to exit the contest with a victory over a certified online betting favorite.


Prediction: 1-2

 Borussia Dortmund-Champions League



Borussia Dortmund vs. Anderlecht

Dortmund has finally left the relegation zone in the domestic league after snatching a win against Hoffenheim. This should serve as an inspiration for  a club, which, ironically dominates in a bigger tournament than its own country’s top-tier competition.


Aside from the above-mentioned triumph, Dortmund could also capitalize on the relentless and unwavering support that they get at Signal Iduna. The crowd and its previous win, indeed, maketh a powerful morale boost.


As for Anderlecht, they could readily use the match to further secure their spot in the Europa League. Apparently, the club failed to accumulate the necessary points to even posit a threat against Group D’s table toppers.




Prediction: 1-1


Image Source: ESPN FC