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Champions League Group Stage Prediction: Group A

Juventus- Champions League- Group Stage

Match Date: 09 December 2014 (local time)


Olympiakos vs. Malmo FF

Malmo has plenty of reasons to win the match against Olympiakos despite the fact that they occupy the table’s rock bottom pit. A win would open opportunities for them in the Europa League, where they can feature.


However, the match is also highly important for Olympiakos and it is less likely that they will drop some points in here. A victory translates to a chance to advance in the knockout stage, provided that Juventus loses to the football betting favorite, Atletico Madrid.


Prediction: 2-1

Juventus- Champions League- Group Stage 



Juventus vs. Atletico Madrid

Juventus elicits a high possibility of advancing into the knockout stage, considering the lead that it has against Olympiakos. Unfortunately, they cannot be too complacent. There are several scenarios that the host should be wary of should they succumbed into over confidence.


First, they can use it to dominate the match against Atletico Madrid and come out as group winners. This is the ideal outcome. However, should they become too relaxed, a loss would give way to Olympiakos and their (Juventus) hopes of progressing in the tournament will falter.


Thus, the very least result that they can hope for is an even steven finish. On a closer look a draw is indeed, possible, considering how strong Atletico Madrid is. But if they can pull off a win, then that is a better outcome.


Expect a nail-biting match to take place in Juventus Stadium.


Prediction: 1-1


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