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2014-15 Champions League Prediction: Ludogorets Razgard vs. Basel

Basel UCl 2

Basel UCl 2

Match Date: 22 October 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Vasil Levski National Stadium, Sofia

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Last season, Ludogorets Razgard and Basel brawled twice in the Champions League and on both occasions, the Swiss team were declared winners. Will their impending third meeting finally produce a different result?


Ludogorets Razgard

In what was considered one of the most surprisingly breathtaking matches of the current season, Ludogorets Tazgard delivered a great fight against defending champions Real Madrid in spite of eventually losing all three points by the end of the battle. Marcelinho netted an early opener to put their Spanish opponents under threat. Cristiano Ronaldo then scored an equalizer via free kick, but it was not an easy one as his first penalty was brilliantly saved by Ludogorets’ keeper. In the 77th minute, Karim Benseme netted the decisive goal.

Last month, the Bulgarian side also delivered an entertaining performance against Liverpool, but as with their brawl against Real, they failed to earn all three points. Ludogorets are currently the only squad in Group B to not bag a single point and are therefore placed last in the rankings.



Despite booking a 5-1 loss to Real Madrid in their debut performance at the Champions League Group stage, Basel never lost their drive and confidence to do better in their next battles. This spirit translated well in their second fixture which saw them earn a clean sheet against English giants Liverpool.

The Swiss side created the better of the first-half scoring chances, although none was successfully converted. In the second period, the brawl became more intense with both sides badly wanting to find the net. Lucky were the Basel players for having a strong-willed Marco Streller who managed to take possession of the ball and score the only goal of the match.


Champions League betting tip: Basel will narrowly take the lead over Ludogorets Razgard.