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Valencia vs Osasuna Prediction (Week 15): Valencia And Djukic Fight For Their La Liga Future

Valencia djukic

Valencia will try to turn the odds into their favor as they meet Osasuna. The victory entails a safety bar from the relegation zone as well as the future of Miroslav Djukic. Complacency, however, has no room as Osasuna exhibits a better form, which can force them to settle for a draw or another major upset.


Match Date: 01 December 2013 (local time)

Venue: Estadio Mestalla


Team Form


Miroslav Djukic’s future is on the firing line after Valencia’s grueling lost to Elche last week. The decision on whether he will continue with the club or not now lies in the hands of Valencia’s new general manager, Francisco Joaquín Rufete.


Valencia djukic

Valencia seems to be at the end of its glorious days. The defeat to Elche is already their 4th during their last 6 encounters and they are lucky since they have managed to accumulate 17 points despite their poor performance.


The club’s defence is definitely on the brink of breaking down. In 5 of their last 5 matches, they conceded 2 goals, which is of course, unhealthy for a squad which is used to being one of the league’s elite. Currently occupying the 13th spot, the club is still safe from the relegation area. Yet, securing a victory is necessary. This is most especially true if they will be playing in Estadio Mestalla where they are expected to be at their strongest form.


Valencia can capitalize with the likes of Jonas, who can be dangerous when counter attacking. There is also Daniel Parejo, who can be a creative playmaker and create scoring opportunities for the club.


As for Djujkic, his future is less of a concern as Valencia’s survival is at stake. Moreover, the club’s success will also ensure that he keep his role in the Spanish outfit.



Osasuna had a slow start this season and even hit the relegation zone with their consecutive losses. However, a sudden turn of events, which could have been triggered during the Barcelona draw, prompted its major improvement.


Osasuna sits 3 notches away from Valencia. However, it would be surprising to note that it has a better form. Their last 6 matches saw them limit their losses to 3 and snatch 2 crucial victories. Their defensive approach has also witnessed an improvement. Except from the thrashing they received from Real Sociedad, they have been conceding just a few goals. As a matter of fact, majority of their last 6 matches saw them concede a single goal.


Given this aspect at hand, Osasuna can force a draw against the host. However, if one has to consider their previous encounters, it is evident that Valencia, still, has the final say. The latter has dominated their last 6 encounters. Moreover, their poor away performance might lower their chances of sealing a resounding win.


Football betting tip: Valencia 2-1 Osasuna





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