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Real Betis vs Rayo Vallecano Prediction (Week 14): Beticos Leave The Relegation Zone

Real Betis

The Beticos are up for a major challenge this season. They need to survive and leave the relegation zone immediately. From a club, which climbed their way up to Spain’s top-flight league and even entered the Europa tournament, Real Betis simply needed to tap the champion in them and return to dominating the pitch.


Match Date: 01 December 2013 (local time)

Venue: Estadio Manuel Ruiz de Lopera


Team Form

Real Betis

The Beticos continue to struggle at the rock bottom part of the La Liga table after losing the derby against Sevilla. Such defeat has raised the eyebrows and pointed their fingers to their manager, Pepe Mel.


Real Betis


Questioning Mel’s ability to handle the club has its bearing. Real Betis have only won twice this season. With just 9 points under their belt, such score is highly reflective of their deteriorating form. As a matter of fact, they have neither won nor forced a draw against in their last 6 matches and conceded at least 3 goals during its last 3 encounters.


Despite the poor performance, Mel still has the support of its squad and they club remsains a favorite of sports betting odds. Looking back at Real Betis;’s performance last season, the club has shown major improvements. They were promoted in Spain’s top-flight league and even qualified for the Europa tournament. The call for Mel’s resignation can be easily dismissed as a natural reaction for supporters, which are used to seeing Betico’s top notch form.



Rayo Vallecano

Lost and disappointed, Rayo Vallecano’s top brass, Paco Jémez implied that he is the one to be blamed after his squad received a thrashing from Espanyo. Espanyol just handed Rayo Vallecano its 4th defeat in their last 6 matches.


Espanyol’s thrashing was indeed, a bitter pill to swallow. As for Jémez’s side, the result was far from what they had expected, well, not after dominating Celta Vigo. It could have been a victory, which could have easily improved their rank in the table. However, other than not scoring, Rayo Vallecano also had to fight with 10 men after a red card was shown to their goalkeeper, Rubén Martínez.
Rayo Vallecano, however, still, has a chance to survive this season. They simply need to awaken the scoring machine in them and be more creative in creating scoring opportunities.


Football betting tip: Real Betis 2-1 Rayo Vallecano





Image Source: Perarnau Magazine