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Match Predictions: Spanish La Liga (Week 6)



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As of fifth week of competitions, the La Liga contenders have already accumulated an aggregate score of 146 points, with Barcelona and Atletico Madrid occupying the highest ranks. On week six, a new set of pitch spectacles will have to be unveiled. The following are match previews of the some of the tournament’s most competitive pairs who will crash gears on September 25 and 26.


Granada vs. Valencia


Granada (El Grana) and Valencia (Los Che) are currently positioned in the league’s mid-table, earning five and six points, respectively. The former will welcome their visitors to their home court, the Estadio Nuevo Los Cármenes, for an opportunity to score their first home win as the side have so far been hapless in their own grounds.


Both teams will have one player apiece to be sidelined, Piti for Granada and Piatti for Valencia. As per five La Liga matches, El Grana have triumphed in just one battle—in their curtain raiser. Their subsequent matches have been dismaying, scoring draws in two occasions and losing their matches twice at their own home court. Los Che, meanwhile, have already amassed two victories but were also periled with three defeats in between their wins.


Football betting tip: In terms of goals conceded, Valencia have already let go of 10 while Granada donated four. The former, however, scored more goals to their own bounty than the latter. In this match, a very tight clash is largely possible. A deadlock might ink the scoreboard but Valencia will project their finest stunts to astound their hosts and win the tourney over.


Villarreal vs. Espanyol


A meeting between Villarreal and Espanyol is a surely catastrophic event football supporters must look forward to. Both sides’ current forms are looking very optimistic, as apparently seen in their ranking in the top five. For Villarreal, this feat is such a blissful halo to top their promotion from Segunda Division. For Espanyol, this success is a heavy-weight compensation for their mediocre run in the league last season.


Villarreal, with three victories under their belt, have built an early reputation of being one of the most intriguing teams to watch, with pitch geniuses like Aquino, Pereira and Cani flaunting intimidating pace that leaves any opponent susceptible to a counterattack. The newly promoted side have only conceded five goals and have already scored 10 innings to bring in a total score of 11 points. The same number of points is shared by their current rivals, Espanyol—a side which have already won in three matches and drawn in two. The Barcelona-based club boast of key players like Lopez and Sanchez.


Football betting tip: With both sides smashing remarkable records, it would be tough to determine which of them will end the tourney in a riveting finish. One thing is undisputable, though: this match will catapult tight scoring and might even conclude in a stalemate.



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Athletic Club vs. Real Betis


Athletic Club and Real Betis are both wounded with sidelined players, but this should not hinder them from turning this battle around. An intelligent blueprint, coupled with strict discipline from their players, will enable both sides to pull off a massive and remarkable clash.


Athletic Club’s nine conceded goals might sound perplexing when compared to Real Betis’ only five. However, the Bilbao-based club have actually been more successful at netting great innings than their adversary (10 goals against 5, that is). In three out of five matches, Athletic Club were able to obtain winning goals from equally aggressive rivals such as Real Valladolid (2-1), Osasuna (2-0), and Celta (3-2). The remaining two were defeats that they incurred from Real Madrid and Espanyol. Real Betis, meanwhile, opened their campaign with back-to-back defeats from Real Madrid and Celta, but have since been able to “slightly” recover after posting a draw in their third match, a win their following tourney, and another draw in their most recent brawl.


Football betting tip: To skew this tourney in all directions, Athletic Club and Real Betis will have to surprise their spectators with excellent strikes. However, it seems that this tourney would be one-sided as the stronger team are more equipped to deliver big-time results than the other. Athletic Club will keep their good form in the tournament and will be able to steal two goals from their Seville-based visitors.


Getafe vs. Celta de Vigo


Compared to their first five performances last season, Celta de Vigo have tremendously improved this term. They never went past the 11th spot last season in those five occasions, while this time around, they have consistently ranked within the table’s upper half. Thanks to a decent form comprising one win, three draws, and just one defeat, the side now vaunt a total score of six points to place them in the ninth spot. Way to go for the Luis Enrique-led team.


Getafe’s opening disaster might have taken a toll on their subsequent matches, with two more downfalls incurred and one draw obtained. Thanks to a meek Osasuna, the side achieved their first victory in the season in their fourth match. With two players sidelined, squad boss Luis García Plaza must learn to think of much grander set of stunts for his men. Their current placement at number 15 is just too uncomforting to settle on complacency.


Football betting tip: Celta’s skills in counterattacking are commendable, as seen in their exciting performance in their meeting with Athletic Bilbao (despite their loss). They, however, need to put more focus on their defense as they have already conceded seven goals. Getafe, meanwhile, have generally had difficulties in shipping great goals in their past matches. Making chances is possible, but converting them into goals can be rather problematic. For this clash, the latter will fall as victims to Celta’s frenetic pitch poundings.