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La Liga Round-Up (Week 8): Real Madrid Trounces Barcelona, Sevilla Rises

Real Madrid - Week 8 Recap

Week highlights

An air of delight and disappointment lingers within the realms of Spain’s top-flight league. The recently concluded El Clasico proved to be more than just a hype and unexpected stunners dominate the league table. So let’s have a quick rundown of what transpired in an exciting week.


The controversial Luis Suarez just made its first appearance in El Clasico after serving a seemingly endless match ban. And yes, he made his presence known when he made a swift pass to Neymar. The Brazilian poacher did an impressive conversion and put Barcelona ahead of the match.


Barca, however, was unable to sustain its momentum. A penalty from Cristiano Ronaldo triggered Real Madrid’s scoring aggression on the pitch. Although Ronaldo scored the equalizer, the match was really Karim Benzema’s big show. The resilient and prolific French striker was at best, the heart of Los Blancos, which generated a 3-1 win over the mighty Barcelona.

Real Madrid - Week 8 Recap
Online betting favorites, Real Madrid and Barcelona were not the only squads that stood out last week. Within the outskirts of Primera Division’s limelight was Sevilla. From winning the Europa League last season, the Andalusian outfit emerged as a silent powerhouse in the top-flight league. All it needed was 3 points to topple the Madridistas and catapult its rank to the 2nd spot of the table.


Meanwhile, the defending champion, Atletico Madrid, also snatched a win last weekend. Mario Mandzukic seems to be at home with his new squad and it was evident when he netted the match’s first and only goal.  It is still too early to say that Atletico is already out of the title race, but obviously, sitting on the 5th spot is the least thing that you would expect from them.


Lastly, it was unfortunate to see Athletic Club struggled in scoring points. They won the match against Almeria. But it was the club’s second win since the season started—something that is quite unlikely from a team of their caliber.



Other than Benzema, Real Madrid’s midfielders also stood out. Apparently, the duo of Toni Kroos and James Rodriguez were simply one of the best throughout Europe.



The blunders

The Champions Leagues readily overwhelmed Athletic Club. It has been hard for the squad to contain such success that it eventually forgot its domestic league responsibilities.


What to expect

Suarez did not score during his opening match and of course, the rest of the football fanatics are waiting for such moment to take place.


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