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La Liga Round-Up (Week 11): Lowly Real Sociedad Bags Second Win

Week highlights

Real Madrid’s dominance in the top-flight league continues, but maybe not for long since Barcelona is also eager to claim the spot that is (rightfully) theirs. Yet, behind the rivalry that boils in El Clasico, the league’s dark horses, Valencia and Atletico Madrid never cease to concoct formulas of a stunning and shocking performance.


A rampaging Los Blancos thrashed Rayo Vallecano where they scored five (5) massive goals against Rayo’s one (1). The three (3) points it earned, however, could only generate a 2-point lead against Barcelona, which is very manageable. The football betting favorite just snatched a 2-goal win against Almeria and should the return to their winning ways, there is no doubt that the Catalan outfit could outshine them.


Meanwhile, Valencia and Atletico Madrid had opportunities to get closer to the Madridistas, but their efforts fell short.


A struggling Atletico Bilbao forced Valencia to a scoreless stalemate and a resilient Real Sociedad disappointed the defending champion, Atletico Madrid.


Luis Suarez is slowly building his reputation in Primera Division. The controversial striker nearly nailed a superb goal that could have given Barcelona a bigger lead.


The blunders

Real Sociedad’s emphatic victory wasn’t really that impressive considering the fact that they are still within the relegation zone. Nevertheless, such could be a good start for the club.


What to expect

Former Manchester United’s head honcho, David Moyes is now the manager of La Real. Is La Real his next Everton? Definitely, the answer to this question is what many of La Liga spectators want to know.



Image Source: Fox Sports Asia