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2014-2015 La Liga Predictions: Week 15 (Part 1)

Barcelona- Week 15

Almeria vs. Real Madrid


Match Date: 12 December 2014 (local time)

Venue: Estadio Del Mediterraneo


Almeria’s 8-match losing streak did not only end in a bitter drop to the 17th spot. It also resulted to the sacking of Francisco Javier Rodriguez as club manager. The decision was immediately handed during Almeria’s 5-2 loss to the newly-promoted squad, Eibar.


Unfortunately, it seems like relieving Rodriguez of his duties at this moment, was rather untimely. Lost without a formidable figure to lead them, the club’s chances of winning against the online betting favorite, Real Madrid subjects them a far more severe thrashing than Eibar did.


It is evident that Real Madrid’s close to perfect form readily increases their possibilities of snatching a big win against the host.



Almeria 0-5 Real Madrid

Barcelona- Week 15



Getafe vs. Barcelona


Match Date: 13 December 2014 (local time)

Venue: Coliseum Alfonso Perez


Getafe, which is currently suffering the curse of a 4-match losing streak, will be facing another major obstacle. Instead of recovering, the club is doomed for yet another loss when they face the relentless Barcelona.


Getafe had a history of being thrashed by the La Liga giant. The club needs to endure 4 to 6 massive goals that greatly outlines their defence problems. Yet, through the years, the club has readily improved, thus, limiting the goals of their upcoming opponents to 2.



There’s no guarantee though that such preventive measure will have an effect in their next meeting. Barca remains unstoppable. There’s a slim chance for them to secure victory knowing that the title contender is currently on a high after finishing as Group winner in the Champions League.


Getafe, however, could hope for a draw. But there’s very little possibility that this will materialize.



Getafe 1-5 Barcelona


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