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2014-2015 La Liga Predictions: Week 12 (Part 3)

Granada- Week 12

Almeria vs. Granada


Match Date: 24 November 2014 (local time)

Venue: Estadio Mediterraneo



Unfortunately, Almeria’s impressive performance against Barcelona wasn’t enough to destroy the Catalan giant. The club featured when they clinched an early lead. But goals from Neymar and Jordi Alba erased it towards the match’s final stretch.


With the said loss, the club has to endure the bitter consequences of their 5-match winless streak and this is no other than a drop in the league table.



A scoreless stalemate did not cause an ounce of disappointment to Granada’s head honcho, Joaquin Caparros. This is despite the fact that his side has not won a single match in its last six (6) encounters.


Caparros stressed that they deserve a point knowing that they went against an opponent, which outlasted the La Liga powerhouse and sports betting site favorite, Barcelona.



Almeria 1-1 Granada

Granada- Week 12


Elche vs. Cordoba


Match Date: 23 November 2014 (local time)

Venue: Martinez Valero



Fran Escriba may be satisfied with Elche’s scoreless stalemate against Getafe, but this doesn’t erase the reality that the team remains inconsistent. The club is still in search of its third win and if it weren’t for draws, they could have spiraled to the rock bottom part of the league table.


Other than being satisfied, Escriba also spoke of improvements. In this aspect, perhaps, many will agree that there’s an ounce of truth in this statement. Clinching a draw after its win against Espanyol is not that bad after all.



Eleven (11) matches have already passed and the rock bottom Cordoba remains desperate in snatching its first three (3) points. Last week, the club could only snatch a stalemate, which further ruined their chances of moving away from the relegation zone.



Elche 2-0 Cordoba



Image Source: Tablon Deportivo