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Serie A Team Review: Torino



Torino made a giant leap in the Serie A table last season. From a struggling and desperate squad that was trying to avoid the relegation zone, Torino has effectively regained its glorious days.


Back in 2012/2013, the club can only afford to finish on the 16th spot of the top-flight league. But last season, it was the 8th best club in the league and almost threatened to outrank football betting’s top pick, AC Milan.




Match to remember

Towards the last leg of the 2013/2014 season, Torino rampaged into an 8-match undefeated streak. Five (5) of them resulted in well-deserved victories. One of them was against another equally aggressive squad, Udinese.


Meanwhile, the remaining three (3) battles ended in a draw, thus, helping the squad accumulate more points.


Match to forget

Despite earning two (2) crucial points, it is hard to recognize the even steven finish against Parma and Fiorentina. The last two (2) matches determined Torino’s qualification in the Europa League. As a matter of fact, they only need to win one of these two (2) matches and they are already good to go. Between the two, the defeat to Fiorentina is the most unforgivable. Alessio Cerci had the chance to steal the show if he only converted the awarded penalty.


The scene-stealers

Ciro Immobile was Serie A’s top scorer and Torino was fortunate enough to have him last season.


But Immobile cannot take all the credits. Cerci was also a prominent figure in the squad. Contributing fifteen (15) goals and an incredible ten (10) assists, it was impossible for Torino to advance if not for Cerci’s presence.


Latest Additions

Juventus’ Fabio Quagliarella is said to make a grand return to Torino—to the club that started his unprecedented rise. Quagliarella is deemed as the perfect replacement to the void that Immobile left.





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