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Serie A Preview – 29 September 2013


Match Preview: Catania vs. Chievo


Match Date: 29 September 2013 (local time)

Venue: Stadio Angelo Massiminofint


Football Betting Tip —   Chievo shall rescue itself from a possible relegation when they meet against Catania. Determined to stay in Serie A, expect the visitors to stun its host.


With painful defeats that block their way up in Serie A’s ranking, both Catania and Chievo will try to change the course of their performance this season via clinching an important victory.
Catania suffered its 4th loss in Lazio’s hand, Already in the relegation zone, the club is in danger of dropping out from Italy’s top-flight league. So far, its best accomplishment was a goalless stalemate against Parma.


On the other hand, Chievo seems to follow Catania’s footsteps. An encounter against Juventus saw them trail by a goal. Fortunately, the Yellow Blues have managed to snatch a win when they stunned Udinese with a 2-1 victory.


The Verdict: Chievo 2-1 Catania

Chievo will most likely capitalize on this winning opportunity. With the club’s survival at stake and given their current team form, there is a high possibility for the Yellow Blues to take the upper hand in the match. Out of its last 5 matches, they lost thrice, drew once and won once. This is in stark contrast to Catania, which, as mentioned, has never won any of its last 5 matches.


There is the possibility for the match to end in a draw. However, considering the fact that Catania has already lost 6 of its recent matches, gives Chievo the total edge.






Image Source: Catania 46



Match Preview: Genoa vs. Napoli


Match Date: 29 September 2013 (local time)

Venue: Stadio Comunale Luigi Ferraris



Football Betting Tip — After leaving Serie A’s top spot, Napoli shall try to steal the spotlight at Genoa’s expense.


Napoli’s winning streak saw its end when minnows Sassoulo dragged them to a frustrating draw. While they dominated possession and even scored the match’s first goal, the club’s conversion stumbled, thus, wasting scoring opportunities, which they have created. Nevertheless, Napoli remains in superior form. Except for the draw, it won 4 of its previous matches.
As for Genoa’s camp, frustration continues to reverberate in the club. The match against Udinese ended in the latter’s victory, thanks to Emanuele Calaiò’s own goal. It could have been a scoreless draw or a possible triumph for the club. Yet, it was the opposite that happened.


The Verdict: Genoa 1- 3 Napoli

Genoa is up against a mountain when they confront Napoli. The club has managed to fare well in the league despite the transfer of striker Edinson Cavani to PSG. Moreover, they are unbeaten in 14 of their last 15 matches. Genoa can force a draw. But this requires scoring. Unfortunately, the club has failed to score in 6 of their last 8 matches.





Image Source: Napoli Repubblica


Match Preview: Verona vs. Livorno


Match Date: 29 September 2013 (local time)

Venue: Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi


Football Betting Tip — Verona could be the scourge that will prevent Livorno to advance in the rankings. Their previous matches saw them gaining the edge and they are determined to continue their winning streak


Despite the stalemate against Torino, Verona’s spirits remain high. The club maintains momentum and confident enough to secure its 3rd victory when they go against Livorno.
With 7 points under its belt, the club has lost twice, won twice and just recently, secured a draw. Their current form looks promising and Andrea Mandorlini expects for more improvement when they play at home. The draw, which was a result of a late rally gained admiration from supporters, considering the fact that they are fresh faces in Serie A.


Verona currently occupies the 10th spot in the ranking and looks forward to advancing. Striker Luca Toni remains sidelined when the Livorno confrontation takes place, but this should not bring more headaches to the club.


Like Verona, Livorno’s recent match also ended in a draw. Andrea Luci gave the club the early lead, yet Victor Ibarbo immediately replied. So far, this has been the Amaranto’s second draw this season.


In terms of its form, the club is just a point ahead of Verona. It won twice, lost twice, draw twice and currently occupies the 7th spot.


The Verdict: Verona 1:0 Livorno

Verona will most likely capitalize on their home court advantage to seal their 3rd win this season. The two clubs have already met before and out of the 6 matches they had, Verona won majority of it.





Image Source: Fm-Thai



Match Preview: AC Milan vs. Sampdoria


Match Date: 28 September 2013 (local time)

Venue: Stadio Giuseppe Meazza


Football Betting Tip — As the Rossoneri defence begins to crumble, Massimiliano Allegri shall try to rebuild an impenetrable wall when they meet Sampdoria.


AC Milan experiences a slow start this season having won only once in its last 5 matches. Aware of their defence mishaps, the club is keen on improving their rank after the encounter against Bologna ended in a hard-fought draw. Other than its sole victory, the club has already lost and drew twice.
Kaka who joined the club during the last minute transfer is sidelined in the match after sustaining a thigh injury. Striker, Mario Ballotelli will not make it to the pitch as well. The hot-tempered AC Milan star, will be serving a 3-match ban after  a clash with the referee during the match encounter against Napoli.


Meanwhile in Sampdoria, the club is already at relegation zone. It has never won any of its last 5 matches. Three (3) of them ended in a defeat, while the other two (2) witnessed a draw. Realistically speaking, it will be a difficulty feat for the club to snatch its first win when they confront the Rossoneris.


The Verdict: AC Milan 3: 1 Sampdoria

Sampdoria has been having problems in their away matches. They have already lost 11 of it and it is possible for them to have their 12th defeat at the hands of AC Milan. Nevertheless, the latter should improve their defensive wall. Currently, it is their waterloo and their opponents can readily capitalize on it.




Image Source: Zimbio



Match Preview: Atalanta vs. Udinese


Match Date: 29 September 2013 (local time)

Venue: Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia


Football Betting Tip — Udinese will prove their strength in the pitch as they face Atalanta after an own goal from Genoa hailed them as winners of their previous match.


Udinese shall try to have a more convincing victory when they face Atalanta this season. The victory over Genoa was short of being impressive. It was rather accidental when Genoa’s Emanuele Calaiò scored the match’s only goal. Nevertheless, Udinese’s current form assures a high possibility of securing a victory. Its last 5 matches generated 2 wins, 2 losses and a draw.


In the meantime, Atalanta needs a little more push to advance in the ranking. Major changes should be made as the club has only won once this season. Their form slowly deteriorates with 4 losses and if not acted upon, they might be surprised to see themselves out of Serie A next season.


The Verdict: Udinese 2-0 Atalanta

Atalanta suffers from a losing streak and Udinese will definitely use it to their advantage. To note, Atalanta has lost in 3 of their last 5 matches. But these are not just ordinary losses. Their series of unfortunate scenarios occurred consecutively and these readily affect their rank. Atalanta has also conceded at least 2 goals in their recent encounters. Thus, it is possible for Udinese to score in the said match.




Image Source: The Boys In Black And White



Match Preview: Cagliari vs. Internazionale


Match Date: 29 September 2013 (local time)

Venue: Stadio Nereo Rocco


Football Betting Tip — Regardless of the result between the Inter-Fiorentina match, the Nerazurri, still gets the upper hand over Cagliari.
Internazionale’s strong form remains uncontested even if they lose to Fiorentina. Against Cagliari, there is no doubt of the club’s impressive performance in the pitch. As of this writing, the club maintains 3 wins and a single draw. As mentioned, their 4th win or otherwise, will be determined only after their clash with Fiorentina.


In the meantime, Cagliari starts to show a penchant for securing draws. Occupying Serie A’s 11th spot, Cagliari has only won once, drew thrice and lost once in its last 5 matches.


The Verdict: Inter 3: 1 Cagliari

Cagliari should be wary of Inter. The former has kept a clean sheet in 3 of their away matches. They have constantly denied their opponents to score and Cagliari is in danger of experiencing the same fate. Unless, they force a draw for the 4th time, there is the possibility of them going down to the bottom of the rankings.




Image Source: Clasicooo