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Serie A Prediction: Genoa vs. Atalanta


Match Date: 06 January 2015 (local time)

Venue: Stadio Luigi Ferraris


Two consecutive losses put a break to Genoa’s strong run, which, in return, resulted to buckets of frustrations and disappointments. But it is never too late for the team. The second half of the season is about to start and this means that they could continue their campaign for a stronger finish.


Meanwhile, Atalanta’s current state is the exact opposite of Genoa. The former greatly struggles in the 17th spot and has transformed into a certified relegation favorite of sports betting sites.




The story so far


Losses from Roma and Torino tainted Genoa’s 4-match unbeaten run. The said defeats caused a drop in the squad’s rank.


Occupying the 6th spot of the league table, it can be fairly said that there’s no need for the team to be rattled and demotivated. After all, they’re very far from the relegation zone. Unfortunately, Genoa is a club, which refuses to wave the white flag and it is less likely that it will give up in their upcoming match.



Atalanta is on the verge of dropping into the relegation zone. Sitting at the 17th spot, the club is at risk of losing its Serie A status should they fail to snatch three points. Evidently, Atalanta’s current battles are all about surviving the season. It will not be an easy feat, but they have to stay focus. They cannot afford to lose. Or they have a better option and that is to force an even steven finish.



Genoa 1-1 Atalanta


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