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Serie A Club Review: Parma



Parma had to pay dearly for its shortcomings during the last leg of the 2013/2014 season. It was because of those defeats that the club was unable to qualify in the Europa League. Parma was just two (2) points short of playing in a stage witnessed by a bigger crowd.


But despite Parma’s near miss, it did not eclipse the major improvement that the squad displayed. Previously content with lingering in the mid-table, Parma is now one of Serie A’s elite.


Occupying the 6th spot of the Serie A table, Parma has even outranked online bettingfavorites such as AC Milan, Udinese and Lazio. Indeed, the future looks bright for a squad that is slowly, but surely, trying to outdo their performance every season.


Match to remember

Parma destroyed Napoli twice in their Serie A encounters during the 2013/2014 season. But as if defeating a heavy favorite is not enough, the squad also embarked on a 17 unbeaten run. The undefeated streak started at the onset of the winter break and lasted until March.


Match to forget

A narrow defeat to Cagliari can be fairly considered as Parma’s worst defeats. Due to the said loss, the club (Parma) was unable to overtake Inter and therefore play in the Europa League.


The scene-stealers

A 9-time Man of the Match, Parma’s team captain, Alessandro Lucarelli is a major force who catapulted the squad to the apex of success. Adding more oomph to the club is its scoring machine, Antonio Cassano.


Latest Additions

Parma is allegedly keen on signing the Mexican striker, Alan Pulido. But this interest has yet to be confirmed.




Image Source: Foot Around Europe