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Sassuolo vs Parma Prediction: Parma, Still Undefeated

Parma and Sassuolo

Football betting tips pick Parma as favorite to win at 2.24 against Sassuolo. The former brags an undefeated winning streak in their recent Serie A matches, while Sassuolo’s performance is a total opposite of their opponent.


Match Date: 02 March 2014 (local time)

Venue: Città del Tricolore


Team Form


An own goal from Pablo Cannavaro dampened Sassuolo’s hopes of forcing Lazio to settle for a draw. The result also made their survival campaign even more difficult as they got stuck at the rock bottom pit of the table.


With the disappointing loss, the club’s head honcho Alberto Malesani expressed his regrets for not securing the even steven finish and perhaps any manager who is on Malesani’s shoes will feel the same.


Lazio pulled off an early lead, but Sassuolo quickly responded in the second half. Unwilling to throw the white towel, Mirsolav Klose netted a goal on the 74th. However, Antonio Floro Flores of Sassuolo fired a shot, five (5) minutes after Klose scored. But a sudden turn of events saw Cannavaro scored an own goal, which sealed Sassuolo’s coffin.



Unlike Sassuolo, Parma was able to pull off a draw against the strong Fiorentina. However, Hellas Verona’s victory caused them to slip in the Serie A ranking.


But then again, at the end of the day, what really mattered was that the club remains a contender for the Europa League qualification next season. The draw also added to the club’s undefeated streak in thirteen (13) matches.


Prediction: Parma

Contrary to Parma’s almost perfect form, Sassuolo have never won a single match during their last six (6) encounters. This immediately makes Parma an outright favorite of the upcoming battle against the minnow, Sassuolo.




Image Source:  Zimbio