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Match Predictions: Italian Serie A (Sept. 27, 29 & 30)



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Italy’s top-flight league is now set to close its fifth week of rigid competitions and will then be unlocking its doors to an even more frenetic week six. Here are four of the fiercest rivalries that will fire up the Italian pitches on September 27, 29, and 30.


Internazionale vs. Fiorentina


Internazionale and Fiorentina will culminate Serie A’s week five of competitions. In front of dozens of thousands of spectators who will clad the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza in Milan, the two sides are put to immense pressure of toppling one another in order to protect their undefeated streak this season.


Home side, Inter, debuted in the league with a very strong second ranking, just behind Napoli. Thanks to a massive 2-0 curtain raiser against Genoa, the side were positioned to a good start. Their second appearance was an even more inspiring success, having defeated Catania with a three-goal lead. The troupe scored their first draw this season in their third stint, in the match they had with Juventus 1-1. Most recently, Walter Mazzarri’s men scored yet another heavy-weight victory for their Serie A campaign, after Palacio, Taider, Pucino, Alvarez, Cambiasso, and Milito jointly scored seven goals to thrash current table bottom occupants and newly promoted players, Sassuolo. The triumph marked one of the highest scoring matches in the new season, so far.


Like their rivals, away side Fiorentina have not yet tasted a defeat this term. Two back-to-back victories, beginning in their curtain raiser at their home court, allowed Vincenzo Montella‚Äôs men to not move away from the table‚Äôs top six clubs. While a draw was obtained in their third match, another win sealed their streak in their fourth stint. Although the squad are confronted by a ballooning injury list, they were able to clinch a riveting triumph over Atalanta with Matias Fernandez and Giuseppe Rossi more than making up for Mario Gomez’s absence.


Football betting tip: The visitors are likely to control the match‚Äôs first half, but the self-motivated Inter will manage to interrupt their play and allow Rodrigo Palacio and Ricky √Ālvarez overcome Fiorentina‚Äôs defense. However, despite their injury problems, the away side will be quick enough to pick up a point from the hosts. The match will ultimately result in a 1-1 deadlock.


Sassuolo vs. Lazio


Newly promoted Sassuolo are apparently having a tough season in the Italian top-tier football. Their first four matches have caused them tremendous distress as none of those tourneys gave them any silver lining to their streak. However, a surprise 1-1 draw with Napoli in their most recent battle astounded both their enemies and the viewing public in general. It was the side’s first semi-positive result this season, but still was not enough to spare them away from the relegation zone (they are ranked at the bottom, in fact). Eusebio Di Francesco’s men are yet to achieve a victory, and hopefully, the deadlock with the Naples-based players was a good omen.


Unlike Sassuolo, Lazio are having a satisfactory run in the tournament. They have already been able to score three wins, which were heavy factors that allowed them to reach their current ranking at number six. The two defeats they incurred from Juventus and Roma prevented them from placing in the league table a little higher. Nevertheless, coach Vladimir Petkovińá is confident that his players will be able to create more victories in their upcoming battles.


Online betting tip: Sassuolo are simmering a surprise counterattack to their opponents, propelled by the motivating draw they had with Napoli. However, the stalemate might have just been a consolatory prize for the pack and doing the same thing (or even a more successful one) in the future will prove difficult. For this round, Lazio will obtain the silverware, but a resilient Sassuolo will ensure that their match will be a close one.



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Torino vs. Juventus


The most intriguing match that any football league would ever have is either a battle between the top placers or a derby between long-time arch-rivals. In the case of Torino and Juventus, who both come from Turin, a magnetic display of derby stunts is sure to astonish audiences. Both sides are ranked in the table’s upper half, and have won in at least two matches out of five.


Torino’s first five efforts in Serie A rewarded them with two wins, two draws, and just one defeat. Sassuolo and Bologna both surrendered to the side’s assault, with Alessio Cerci sealing his troupe’s win in those matches. With their calibers almost tucked in Torino’s level, Milan and Hellas Verona both held Giampiero Ventura’s men in a draw. The only successful squad to beat the team was Atalanta, who scored two goals to completely dominate the match starting in the 57th minute.


Since the tournament opened, the defending champions have remained undefeated. Four out of the five matches Juventus had were inspiring victories, with the remainder resulting in a draw. Their biggest win was their encounter against Lazio, where they scored four powerful innings while their opponents had to settle with just one. Team boss Antonio Conte positioned his men in the right places, which allowed players like Vucinic and Teves obtain the side’s winning goals. Arturo Vidal was the squad’s early hero, having opened their scoring in the 14th minute and netting another goal 13 minutes later.


Online betting tip: While it may be touted that this clash will be of hairline difference due to the derby’s nature, Juventus can actually win this round with a two-goal lead. The Juve players are well-equipped with an arsenal of genius drills, and surprising their arch-rivals isn’t going to be that difficult.


AS Roma vs. Bologna


Current league frontrunners, Roma, have won all of their first five Serie A matches. Last season’s sixth placers have really improved this term, further cementing Rudi Garcia’s objective of giving his side their first overall victory since 2001. Roma are exuding the best defense of all clubs thus far, enticing high spirits to cloak their instincts but at the same, unscrambling possibilities of a loss in focus. Regardless, the squad are playing in high quality and with the likes of Florenzi, Totti, and Ljajic to protect their status, there is hardly a reason why they will not be able to continue their momentum.


At the back of Bologna‚Äôs successful 1-0 win in the Coppa Italia are a string of lame Serie A routines that resulted in three draws and two defeats. The Stefano Pioli-led troupe had their most dismaying stint in their encounter with Napoli on opening-day, having scored zero goals against their adversary‚Äôs three. Two consecutive draws followed this match, with Sampdoria and Udinese holding their opponents in 2-2 and 1-1 deadlocks, respectively. In their fourth match, Bologna suffered a second defeat after Cesare Natali‚Äôs equalizer was cancelled out by Torino‚Äôs Alessio Cerci‚Äôs 45th minute goal. A 3-3 draw with Milan in their most recent battle did not help them get past the table‚Äôs 16th spot‚ÄĒtheir current standing.


Football betting tip: For this round, it is apparent that Roma have the upper hand over Bologna. While the away side may attempt to force this match to at least a draw, the current table leaders will not allow themselves be pulled a little lower in the rankings. A 3-1 finish will be scored in this tourney, in favor of Roma.