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Cagliari vs Sassuolo Prediction (Week 14): Cagliari Prevents Sassuolo’s Stalemate Spoils


Both Cagliari and Sassuolo have shown significant performances this week. Cagliari displayed a stronger defence while Sassuolo have been delivering results during their away matches. There is a possibility for the match to end in an even steven finish. However, it is Cagliari’s improved scoring that will gain them the upper hand, thus making them a chosen favorite of online bookie providers. 


Match Date: 01 December 2013 (local time)

Venue: Stadio san Elia


Team Form


Cagliari slowly comes back to form as they forced Serie A giant, Roma to settle for a scoreless draw last week.


Vital improvements can be seen in the Cagliari side. After 3 consecutive losses, they secured 4 extra points to salvage themselves from the relegation arena. The victory against Torino sparked some inspiration, which could have been a key ingredient in stopping Roma’s attacks.


Cagliari also exhibits an improvement in their defence. They conceded fewer goals during their last 6 matches than what they had during their last 12 encounters. Relatively, as their defence becomes more solid and reliable, the club was able to score. Unfortunately, they will be missing Mauricio Pinilla when they meet Sassuolo. Pinilla will be serving a suspension.



Sassoulo is another club , which held Roma to a draw. This can be fairly described as the club’s attempts to improve their rank as they are already feeling the pressure of being pushed to the relegation zone.




The club’s success is also manifested in their dominating win against Atalanta where they scorred 2 goals and kept a clean sheet. A closer look also reveals that their (Sassuolo) current team form is far better than Cagliari. During their last 6 matches, the club has only lost once. Three (3) of them ended in their favor while the other two saw them settled for a draw.


Sassoulo is readily capable of forcing a draw against Cagliari. This is despite playing in a different ground. As a matter of fact, they have only lost twice in 6 of their last away matches. Therefore, this will be their threshold of strength as they visit their upcoming opponents soon.


Football betting tip: Cagliari 1-3 Sassuolo




Image Source: Zimbio