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2014-2015 Serie A Predictions: Week 14 (Part 2)

Palermo- Week 14

Torino vs. Palermo


Match Date: 06 December 2014 (local time)

Venue: Stadio Olimpico di Torino



Torino has nothing to be ashamed of in its defeat to Juventus. His side was impressive and could have forced a draw if not for Pirlo’s last minute rally. However, if there’s one thing, which made its head honcho, Giampiero Ventura lose his cool, it was the unappreciative behavior of a fan towards the team. Ventura felt that it such attitude was inappropriate considering how well the squad played in the derby.



Aside from snatching three (3) points, the rise of Paulo Dybala is another reason for the squad to be happy. Dybala slowly creates a reputation as one of the club’s talismanic and reliable striker. And true enough, this golden boy has been living up to expectations.



Torino 2-1 Palermo

Palermo- Week 14

Empoli vs. Napoli


Match Date: 03 December 2014 (local time

Venue: Stadio Carlo Castellani



A scoreless stalemate readily disappointed Empoli’s manager, Maurizio Sarri. After an impressive performance, Sarri felt that they deserve the three points. Unfortunately, a more experienced Atalanta readily thwarted their scoring attempts.



Rafael Benitez’s reaction to the stalemate between online betting favorites, Napoli and Sampdoria was quite different from that of Sarri.


Instead of being disappointed, Benitez was actually proud of his team’s performance, stating that securing a point at La Samp’s camp is difficult. Benitez implied that the even steven finish was a manifestation of his team’s greatness.



Empoli  2-0 Napoli


Image Source: Mirror