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Match Predictions: German Bundesliga (Week 16)

Hertha Berlin

Hertha Berlin

Hertha Berlin vs. Werder Bremen

Match Date: 13 December 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Olympiastadion


Hertha Berlin

Seven points were obtained from Hertha Berlin’s last five matches, based on a W2-D1-L2 record. The score was enough to keep the team within the top 10, but still notches short to enable them to soar into the top three. But considering their “newly promoted” status, this placement is very remarkable. They are currently ranked at number seven, after accumulating 22 points (overall) from six victories and four draws.

In their most recent fixture, Berlin scored a clean sheet against Eintracht Braunschweig. Although Adrian Ramos and Tolga Cigerci were the ones who netted the goals in the battle, it was Ronny who drove the team into victory. His assists on both of the aforesaid players were crucial to the side’s impressive sixth victory this season.


Werder Bremen

Currently just two spots away from the relegation zone, Werder Bremen have to exert tremendous effort to completely shun the bottom. Their last four matches have generally been huge disasters, particularly their most recent where they were stolen of seven goals by Beyern Munich and failed to find the net even just once. Prior to this, however, a high-scoring draw gave the side a one-point relief of their uninspiring streak. Bremen and Hoffenheim scored four goals apiece in their meeting in Sinsheim.


Football betting tip: In a match where one side is completely dominant of the other, the result seems quite predictable. A victorious Hertha Berlin should be expected from this encounter.


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Bayern Munich vs. Hamburg SV

Match Date: 14 December 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Allianz Arena


Bayern Munich

Still unbeaten for 15 weeks now, Bayern Munich are absolutely creating one of their best Bundesliga runs ever. Not only are the team soaring domestically, but they are also substantially successful in the international arena. Der FCB bagged points from Augsburg when the teams met for the DFB Pokal. They also waged victory against Moscow, Viktoria Plzen, and Manchester City in the Champions League.

There is barely a reason why Bayern Munich will not maintain their pace. The massive successes they have been achieving are strong indicators of the squad’s proficiency and health in the pitch. They will continue soaring high no matter what happens.


Hamburg SV

Their five most recent matches only gave them four points. Hamburg SV have been defeated seven times this season and won only four times. Despite scoring 30 goals in 15 matches, the side were still drawn to a negative-digit goal difference. This is after they conceded 32 goals in the tourneys where they went home heartbroken. Their biggest loss this term, so far, was their match against Borussia Dortmund, when they scored two goals but conceded six.


Football betting tip: In terms of consistency, attacking mechanisms, defense, and individual skills, Beyern Munich are significantly superior of Hamburg SV. There is a very slim chance that the visitors will win this fixture, especially when the odds are largely favoring the hosts.



FC Augsburg vs. Eintracht Braunschweig

Match Date: 14 December 2013 (local)

Match Venue: SGL Arena


FC Augsburg

Only their second away win this season, Augsburg delivered a surprise 0-1 success over Hamburg on their travel to the latter’s home. A storm might have halted the energy in the city the past days, but it would pale compared to the power of striker Raul Bobadilla, who went close to giving Augsburg the lead in the 14th minute, except that it was saved by the opponents’ Rene Adler. Nevertheless, for the perseverant player that he is, the Swiss player successfully converted an opportunity four minutes later and ensured that his team landed the lead in the first half—and later on, in the match itself.

The victory would be Augsburg’s sixth this season. They currently rank at number nine after accumulating 20 points and 16 goals from 15 fixtures.


Eintracht Braunschweig

Four matches have been closed and Braunschweig remain dry of goals. They may have scored one point from Hannover 96 on their match at the HDI Arena, but it was a meeting that ended in a goal-less draw. Their three most recent fixtures were not any better, raking zero goals to succumb to the prowess of Freiburg, Bayern Munich, and Hertha BSC. The poor runs and massive conceding of goals inevitably placed the side at the bottom of the league table. There is much yet to be done on Torsten Lieberknecht’s squad before they could eventually get themselves out of trouble.


Football betting tip: Against players that are quite strong at home, Braunschweig will again have a difficult time achieving victory. They may score against Augsburg, but the visitors will ultimately end up losing the match.


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Hannover 96 vs. Nurnberg

Match Date: 14 December 2013 (local)

Match Venue: AWD-Arena


Hannover 96

Ranking three spots below the top half, Hannover 96 are apparently in desperate need of a victory (or victories). The side’s Bundesliga journey has been a roller coaster ride, chiefly characterized by a highly inconsistent form. Of the past 10 matches they finished this season, only two were won, another two were drawn, while the rest have been downfalls.

An improving defense should have been seen when they held Frankfurt in a clean sheet two weeks ago. But after incurring a 4-2 defeat from Stuttgart on weekend, they again have to prove themselves of the defensive proficiency they should be vaunting.



This season’s frontrunners for relegation are yet to earn a victory. Nurnberg are the only club in the German top-tier football to finish all their matches winless. The very poor streak is becoming a source of confidence for other clubs, citing the possibility of earning either a win or a draw when setting a brawl with the Bavarian side. The visitors may be good at creating chances using through balls, but they remain significantly weak at finishing those chances, as well as defending counter attacks, avoiding individual errors, and stopping opponents from creating scoring opportunities.


Football betting tip: Although both of these sides are not necessarily showing noticeable improvements, Hannover 96 have the greater chance of emerging as winners than Nurnberg.



Mainz vs. Borussia Monchengladbach

Match Date: 14 December 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Coface Arena


Mainz 05

Holding Nurnberg to remain winless in the season, Mainz 05 pulled off a draw with the aforesaid in their most recent fixture. Nurnberg have almost achieved their first win this season with Per Nilsson’s opener in the fifth minute. They were largely in control (and in the lead) of the first half, but Shinji Okazaki struck a 75th-minute equalizer for Mainz, who then almost went on to win it, as well as having substitute Petar Sliskovic sent off at the death.

Earning a total of 20 points from 15 matches, Mainz currently sit at the table’s upper half. The placement is quite fine, but they need more victories of turn their -7 goal difference around.


Borussia Monchengladbach

For six consecutive matches, Borussia Monchengladbach are brimming with a very successful streak. Team spirit and self-confidence are soaring high within the ensemble and Lucien Favre could not be any prouder. Their 2-1 victory over FC Schalke 04 made the team level on points with Borussia Dortmund, and they are now five points clear of fifth placers Wolfsburg.

Monchengladbach are showing considerable skills in many areas. They are very strong at attacking down the wings, and are also equally adept at finishing scoring chances and defending set pieces. Their ability to protect the lead is also improving.


Football betting tip: A brisk exchange of remarkable maneuvers from both Mainz and Borussia Monchengladbach should be expected from this meeting. However, with the kind of performance they have been displaying lately, it is plausible that Borussia Monchengladbach will eventually win the tourney over.


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TSG Hoffenheim vs. Borussia Dortmund

Match Date: 14 December 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Rhein-Neckar-Arena


TSG Hoffenheim

After four winless matches, Hoffenheim have finally scored victory. Their match with Frankfurt produced a 1-2 result that helped the away side reach three places higher than their rank in the previous week. The first 45 minutes of the tourney rendered both sides goal-less, but the match breathed life after that period when Sven Schipplock and Robert Firmino struck goals either side of Frankfurt’s equalizer.

Going back to the top nine (or better) will remain a challenge for Markus Gisdol’s men, but it is a challenge than can be abated if the players will continue pushing themselves to their limits. Thus far, the team are doing quite well in the offense, but when it comes to protecting the lead, they are doing terribly bad.


Borussia Dortmund

They are still among the strongest clubs in the German top-flight league, but Borussia Dortmund have recently been dwindling in their performance. This is most clearly evidenced in their last five matches, where three finished in embarrassing defeats. The former league leaders are now just seated at number three, and in terms of total points scored, they are already level with Monchengladbach (31).

Despite having some of the best players in the tournament, Dotmund cannot completely secure victory by the end of the season. Bayern Munich were supposed to be their biggest rivals (and still are), but now, Bayer Leverkusen have also been parading themselves as serious threats.


Online betting tip: Although they lost points in their latest fixture, Borussia Dortmund could still pull this tourney off.



VfL Wolfsburg vs. VfB Stuttgart

Match Date: 14 December 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Volkswagen Arena


VfL Wolfsburg

Compared to their earlier performances in Bundesliga, Wolfsburg’s most recent finishes are a significant improvement. They have been undefeated for seven matches now, capped by two clean sheets from five wins. They are rapidly becoming more consistent, and their defense is growing so much stronger.

Current rankings place the team in the top five, their best position in the tournament, so far. They have already amassed 26 points from all their games, with 23 goals scored and 16 conceded.


VfB Stuttgart

Inconsistency remains a major dilemma for Stuttgart. The side’s W5-D4-L6 record is certainly not a guarantee of a stable run. They currently rank at number 10, after obtaining 19 points from 15 matches. They may be excellent at counter attacks and in finishing scoring chances, but they are heavily periled by their inability to defend against skillful players. They also lack substantial skills in managing through balls, defending set pieces, and in aerial duels.


Online betting tip: Facing a pack that is more in-form, consistent, and skilled, Stuttgart will fail to achieve victory in their next battle. A triumphant Wolfsburg should be expected at the end of this meeting.


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Schalke 04 vs. SC Freiburg

Match Date: 15 December 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Veltins-Arena


Schalke 04

Despite their massive successes in their matches against Hertha Berlin, Werder Bremen, and Stuttgart, Schalke 04 mustered insufficient inspiration to win their most recent battle. The side lost three points to Monchengladbach when they traveled to the Stadion im Borussia-Park. They were initially in control of the tourney; in fact, it was Jefferson Farhan who first delivered a goal, in the 17th minute. However, Raffael’s equalizer in the 24th minute cancelled out the scoring, and was further broken when Monchengladbach’s Max Kruse scored in the 45th minute.

Despite the defeat, Schalke 04 are still part of the top six, thanks largely to the seven victories and three draws they obtained since opening day.


SC Freiburg

Ever since the tournament began, Freiburg have never been at ease in the pitch. They won only twice this season, drawn in five matches, while the rest of the streak turned out heavily distressing. As a result, they have been in the relegation zone several times. They are currently just one spot above the bottom two, but they will likely go back to the table’s most dreaded zone if they fail to show substantial improvements in their form.


Online betting tip: Schalke 04 are clearly the favorites to win in this round. They are probably the dark horses in the competition, and dark horses are always better than the underdogs (Freiburg).



Bayer Leverkusen vs. Eintracht Frankfurt

Match Date: 15 December 2013 (local)

Match Venue: BayArena


Bayer Leverkusen

Straddling the table’s second highest spot, Bayer Leverkusen are posing dangerous threat to current league leaders, Bayern Munich. The side have never been out of the top three since opening day, proof that they belong to Bundesliga’s elite circle of high-caliber players. They were only defeated twice in the tournament, forced a deadlock once, and won in the rest of their tourneys.

In the continental tournaments, however, Leverkusen perform on a stark difference from their domestic campaigns. The team were recently beaten by Manchester United in the Champions League, and prior to that, they scored a goal-less draw with Shakhtar Donetsk in the same competition.


Eintracht Frankfurt

Winless for 10 Bundesliga matches now, Eintracht Frankfurt should try so much harder in order for them to shun demotion to the second-tier German football. They are currently in the table’s bottom four, but their score is enough to keep them slightly away from the relegation zone.

To date, Frankfurt are still very weak at finishing scoring chances and defending against attacks down the wings. They have no particular field or skills that they are absolutely good at. This means that the side are in a major crisis.


Online betting tip: Considering their form in the local football tournament, Bayer Leverkusen are largely superior of Frankfurt. That said, the former will easily thrash the latter and obtain three points from the meeting.


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