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Match Predictions: German Bundesliga (Week 7)



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Bundesliga is gaining new heights, with the league’s current top three slimly separated by just one point. Now set to open its seventh week, the German top-level tournament will see a new set of displays from all of its contenders. The following are match previews for three of the league’s most intriguing pairs. The tourneys will be held from September 28 to 29.


Bayer Leverkusen vs. Hannover 96


Bayer Leverkusen currently occupies the table’s third highest placement, with total earnings of 15 points from six matches. Hannover 96, meanwhile, are ranked just one place behind their rivals, with overall points of 12 from the same number of matches. This round involving these powerhouse clubs will certainly be a very exciting meeting, touted to be one of the thrillers this season will produce.


Leverkusen’s six-match streak is almost perfect, if not for a 2-0 loss they incurred from Schalke 04 in their third appearance. Nevertheless, all the other five tourneys were staggering successes, accentuated by a massive 3-1 curtain raiser against Freiburg and an enthralling 4-1 domination over Mainz 05.


Hannover have played only twice as away side this season thus far, and those occasions were also the only times they went home brokenhearted. All of their other matches (at home) have been highly successful, lording over clubs such as Wolfsburg, Schalke 04, Mainz 05, and most recently, Augburg.


Football betting tip: It seems like Hannover cannot play to their full potential when serving as visitors; and with this match counting as their third away match, the club should take extra precaution. Leverkusen are increasingly aggressive, proving that they are one of the squads to look up to this term. As such, this round will see the home side grab their sixth win for this season.


Werder Bremen vs. Nürnberg


Werder Bremen’s streak is neither promising nor dismaying, as the club have obtained an equal number of losses and wins. By comparison, Nurnberg have never won in any of their tourneys, with the majority of their matches ending in deadlocks.


Die Werderaner’s first two stints in the new season gave them a commanding lead over most their opponents, but have since been fading in the charts after three successive defeats were incurred in their subsequent matches. A 0-2 victory in their most recent match, however, gave the side new hope that they could continue in the tournament without having to worry about severe losses.


Compared to Bremen, Nurnberg are in a much more threatened position. With zero wins to embroider their streak and two measurable defeats endured from Bayern Munich and Augsburg, Der Club need substantial rethinking in their tactics. They have to deliver results if they want to advance to the higher posts in the league table.


Football betting tip: Werder Bremen may have been defeated in more occasions than Nurnberg, but at least they have already secured some wins. In this round, Nurnberg will have to settle in the table’s lower ranks as Werder Bremen will earn their fourth win in the competition.


Eintracht Braunschweig vs. Stuttgart


Braunschweig obtained their first positive point in their draw match with Nurnber 1-1, preceded by four painful defeats starting from their season debut. Despite being hard fighters, the side lack the necessary quality (or resources) to emerge as a sizable threat for other Bundesliga clubs. Current rankings place the squad at the table’s bottom, earning just one point from six matches.


Stuttgart have a more optimistic form than their rivals, but still need more welding to fully exploit their potential. The side carried out their first three Bundesliga matches in utter disappointments, but have since dramatically improved in their subsequent matches. A 6-2 victory over Hoffenheim saved Stuttgart from the relegation zone, and in their fifth and sixth matches—after securing another win and one draw—the side have completely been spared from serious danger.


Football betting tip: Braunschweig are in dire need of obtaining a win in this round to help them veer away from demotion. However, Stuttgart will not allow themselves to be sucked into the bottom again after performing very well in their recent matches. In this tourney, Braunschweig should make a stronger mind as they will again land in the underdog’s abode.