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Bundesliga Round-Up (Week 9): Bayern Contained, Dortmund Approaches The Relegation Zone

Bundesliga - Week 9 recap

Week highlights

Stars fell whilst the brave emerged in a series of matches that readily lived up to the impressive reputation of Germany’s top-flight league. The previous week witnessed the fall of some of Bundesliga’s powerhouses and the rise of emerging talent that will soon shape a bright future for the league.


Starting with the heavy sports betting favorite, Bayern Munchen‚ÄĒthe Bavarians failed to extend its lead when Borussia Monchengladbach forced them into a scoreless stalemate. It was the 3rd stalemate of the squad. The said performance was quite unexpected compared to what it has achieved last season in which it almost achieved an invincible state.


Wolfsburg is also one of the squads, which featured last week. The aggressive Wolves thrashed Mainz 05 with three (3) goals while keeping a clean sheet. Aside from the impressive trouncing of its opponent, what made Wolfsburg stood out was the fact that it was the first team to defeat and stop Mainz’s unbeaten streak.

Bundesliga - Week 9 recap

Meanwhile, the previous gaming week was a total wreck for Schalke 04 and most especially to Borussia Dortmund.


Schalke’s narrow defeat to Bayer Leverkusen hindered its ambitions of moving up in the Bundesliga table. As for Borussia Dortmund, the team dropped into the 15th spot of the league table after losing to Hannover 96. The last season’s title is now a notch away from the relegation zone and has only won twice since the season started.



Hannover’s Hiroshi Kiyotake readily stole the stoplight last week. His lone shot catapulted his squad in the Bundesliga table and destroyed Dortmund’s dreams.


But of course, nothing beats the defensive tactics of Gladbach’s Lucien Favre, who was able to contain a rampaging Bayern.


The blunders

Dortmund maintains a clean slate in the Champions League. Thus, to see them fall down in the domestic league is quite disappointing.


What to expect

Needless to say, many look forward to Dortmund’s grand comeback. The squad has a top-caliber form and depth that its current performance is just plain unacceptable.


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