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Bundesliga Round-Up (Week 10): Dortmund Hits Rock Bottom; Wolfsburg Soars High

Dortmund - Week 10 review

Week highlights

Several clubs have managed to impress and featured during the previous gaming week, whilst others generated frustrations and disappointment. Indeed, Bundesliga becomes more exciting as the season progresses.


Flying high in the table is Wolfsburg. The club clinched its 5th consecutive win and catapulted into the 2nd spot of the table after beating an aggressive VfB Stuttgart. The ferocious wolves were so keen in winning that they were able to snatch four (4) massive wins whilst keeping a clean sheet.


The minnow, Werder Bremen also stole the spotlight last week. Despite remaining at the rock bottom part of the table, the club was able to secure its first win this season. It stunned the strong Mainz when it scored two (2) goals without conceding a goal.


Lastly, the defending champion, Bayern Munchen remains on top of the Bundesliga table when it outlasted its strong title rival, Borussia Dortmund. Goals coming from Robert Lewandowski and Arjen Robben gave the Bavarians a steady lead in the league.


Dortmund - Week 10 review



Franco Di Santos’ brace for Werder Bremen was impressive and so is Wolfsburg’s overall performance.


However, what really made the previous gaming week entertaining was the scoring face-off of former team mates, Marco Reus and Lewandowski. Reus gave Dortmund the lead, which Lewandowski erased during the last leg of the match. A successful penalty from Robben eventually gave the Bavarians the crucial three (3) points.


The blunders

Dortmund shocked many when it finally fell into the relegation zone. Many of its supporters are expecting the sports betting favorite to step up, but to no avail.



What to expect

Dortmund will surely regroup after its recent loss. Will they get out of the dreaded zone? Or will they increase their chances of returning to the second division? Definitely, many will be looking forward to the answers to these questions next week.


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