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Bundesliga Prediction: TSG Hoffenheim vs. VfL Wolfsburg


Match Date: 13 September 2014 (local time)

Venue: Rhein-Neckar Arena


Hoffenheim sits comfortably among the Bundesliga elite after garnering an impressive win and a draw in its first 2 matches. The squad currently occupies the 3rd spot, but for how long the club will stay in the said rank, nobody really knows.


VfL Wolfsburg, for one is determined to bring them down in an attempt to recover from their recent blunders. So far, the squad remained winless after 2 matches.


The contenders

TSG Hoffenheim

Roberto Firmino readily featured in Hoffenheim’s match against Werder Bremen when he scored the opening goal and gained the lead for the squad on the 19th. Unfortunately, the initial celebration was nothing but temporary as Bremen’s Alejandro Galvez immediately responded after the half-time when he scored the equalizer.


Hoffenheim gained more chances to take back the lead again, but to no avail. The lack of defence that lead to Galvez’ s goal, brought them down and is in danger of falling even more should they fail to secure another important win.


VfL Wolfsburg

Wolfsburg is in dire need of a win in order to strengthen its campaign this season. The club has not won a single match since the season kicked-off and thrives through a draw incurred against Frankfurt.


Apparently, Sebastian Jung had to pay dearly for committing an own goal in their match against Frankurt. The encounter could have ended in their favor, but their opponent was able to secure a frustrating equalizer.


Possible head turners

Wolfsburg’s Robin Knoche will ensure that Wolfsburg retains possession. But his teammates need to be more clinical in order to convert.


Meanwhile, it is hard not to expect another spectactular performance from Roberto Firmino after what he has shown during the Werder Bremen match.



There is a strong possibility for Hoffenheim to feature in the upcoming face-off. Definitely, the online betting favorite shall not waste the opportunity to strengthen its grip of the table’s top spot.




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