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Bundesliga Prediction: SC Paderborn vs. Mainz 05

Mainz 05

Match Date: 25 August 2014 (local time)

Venue: Benteler Arena


A determined Paderborn shall face Mainz 05 with the hopes of making a strong start this season.


Since this is the club’s first participation in the top-flight league, there is no doubt that survival is its top priority.


But despite the determination, the biggest question that they must face as of the moment is whether they have what it takes to survive Mainz’s acid test.

Mainz 05

The contenders

SC Paderborn

Since its inception in the 70s, Paderborn has never set foot on Bundesliga. For quite some time, it has been contented with its 2 Bundesliga stature, not until they ended as the second division’s runner-up. The said victory earned them automatic promotion rights, thanks to the relentless efforts of their main man, André Breitenreiter.


Indeed, signing him as the club’s manager proved to be a worthy gamble. It is through his tactical acumen and contagious winning attitude that propelled the club into the top-flight league.


Mainz 05

Mainz was one of the Bundesliga stunners last season. From a dismal performance in 2012/2013, in which they ended on the 13th spot, the club catapulted to the 7th spot and was two (2) points shy of qualifying into the Europa League.


The failure to qualify was indeed, disappointing. But it was not enough to eclipse the major improvement that the club showed last season.


Possible head turner

Paderborn’s Alban Meha and Elias Kachunga are expected to feature in the coming season. Meha may be sidelined due to an injury, but rest assured that many are waiting to see some spectacular maneuvers from this so-called free kick maestro.


All eyes are also set on Kachunga, who has been an influential figure in Paderborn’s promotion.
As for Mainz, many are definitely waiting for another impressive display from Shinji Okazaki and Nicolai Muller. The dynamic duo has been a reliable scoring machine for the squad last season.


What the odds say

Mainz will definitely dominate the match, with sports bettingodds valued at 2.26. There is also a high possibility for a draw with odds valued at a lucrative 3.17.



Image Source: Miami Herald