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Bundesliga Match Prediction: Hertha Berlin vs. TSG Hoffenheim

Hertha Berlin and TSG Hoffenheim

Match Date: 06 April 2014 (local time)

Venue: Olympiastadion


After a strong start at the beginning of the season, it is a bit disappointing to see Hertha Berlin struggling at the end. They were not really playing for survival. But their current performances were a far flung shot of the newly promoted club that has been aggressively collecting victories in the past.


Hertha Berlin has been winless in its last 6 matches. Four (4) of those matches ended in consecutive defeats, which, in return, forced them to leave the Bundesliga’s elite. Losing out to Bayern Munchen can be easily forgiven. The defending champion will do anything to secure another title and so winning against them prove to be a futile effort. But the previous matches were wasted opportunities, which, if converted, could have placed them in a much better position.

 Hertha Berlin and TSG Hoffenheim


Hertha Berlin’s morale is on the verge of collapsing—something that TSG Hoffenheim can easily exploit in their upcoming match.


The mere fact that Hoffenheim ended Bayern’s winning streak and forced them to be contented with a draw, is already a great achievement. As for Hoffenheim’s part, the stalemate is already a manifestation of its great determination to win and secure a stronger finish.


The said draw did not only give the club a moral boost. Ranking wise, it also helped them catapult into the 9th spot of the league. With such an impressive display, Hoffenheim posits a great threat to Hertha Berlin.


Currently, Hoffenheim displays a better team form. It has managed to collect 3 wins, 2 losses and a draw in its last 6 matches. Likewise, it has a better goal difference than the Old Lady.


Thus, even if Hertha is the top favorite of different sports betting sites,  it cannot be denied that Hoffenheim presents a greater possibility of winning, not unless the Old Lady makes a concrete decision to go back to its winning ways.


Prediction:  Hoffenheim 


Image Source: BZ