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Bundesliga Match Prediction: FC Augsburg vs. Bayern Munchen

FC Augsburg and Bayern Munchen

Match Date: 05 April 2014 (local time)

Venue: SGL Arena


The draw against Hoffenheim could be an indication that the Bavarians are still, intoxicated with their successful title defense. Although this can be fairly considered as natural, it could be fatal.


Despite the fact that the results will have no effect at Bayer Munchen’s status, they are wasting the opportunity to break and create new records in Germany’s top-flight league. They might wake up one day and their undefeated Bundesliga feat, is already tainted/


Bayern barely had a taste of defeat in its last 53 matches. It also scored an average of 2 goals in its last 20 encounters. Clearly, it has nothing to worry when they face Augsburg.


But what the Bavarians are unaware of is that over confidence is slowly eating them up. The battle is not yet over. What Pep Guardiola and his men currently enjoy is just ‚Äúpartial success.‚ÄĚ Bayern still has 2 more titles to defend.

 FC Augsburg and Bayern Munchen

Indeed, winning the Bundesliga gives them the privilege to focus on other competitions. Yet, this does not necessarily mean that they can be complacent.


Augsburg’s current form barely matches that of Bayern. Yet, just like, Hoffenheim, it shows the potential to pull off a draw or better yet, a win in their upcoming match.


As for the online betting favorite, it will be a shame to see them concede points. Such demeanor is simply unexpected from the present title holder. A true champion continues to fight irrespective of what it has achieved. It continues to show its teeth regardless of the glories that decorate its achievement’s list. It does not rest.


Prediction:  Bayern Munchen


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