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2014-2015 Bundesliga Previews: Week 10 (Part 2)

FC Cologne- Week 10

Paderborn vs. Hertha Berlin


Match Date: 02 November 2014 (local time)

Venue: Benteler Arena



Paderborn will attempt to leave the result of their previous match into oblivion as it tries to snatch a win against Hertha Berlin.


The newly-promoted squad dropped into the 8th spot of the top-flight league after incurring its 3rd loss.


Presently, Paderborn has won, lost and drew thrice in this season.


Hertha Berlin

A confident Hertha Berlin visits Benteler Arena to clinch three (3) points and hopefully, improve its Bundesliga rank.


The Old Lady had a slow start this season, which readily explains why they are within the league’s mid-table.


However, Hertha is keen on showing some improvements and most especially, consistency that in its recent match, it easily trounced Hamburg, scoring three (3) goals while keeping a clean sheet.



Paderborn 1-2 Hertha Berlin






FC Cologne vs. SC Freiburg


Match Date: 02 November 2014 (local time)

Venue: Rhein Energie Stadion


FC Cologne

Peter Stoger and his men had more reasons to celebrate other than outlasting the struggling Werder Bremen. The said win generated three (3) crucial points, which resulted to their successful entry in the top 10.

FC Cologne- Week 10

Aside from that, the club is also slowly returning to its winning ways. This is Cologne’s second consecutive win after enduring three (3) consecutive losses in its last six (6) matches.


Due to their impressive performance, Cologne has been tagged as the heavy sports betting favorite of the upcoming match.


SC Freiburg

Still winless, SC Freiburg feels the pressure of winning more games in its succeeding matches.


Freiburg has not won a single match since the season started and these have been pushing them to the rock bottom part of the table. With its most recent loss to Augsburg, Freiburg’s only means of survival as of the moment were the stalemates that it incurred in its previous encounters.



FC Cologne 2-1 SC Freiburg




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