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2014-15 Bundesliga Predictions: Week 7 (Part 2)



Werder Bremen vs. Freiburg

Match Date: 04 October 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Weser-Stadion

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Bremen’s current stance in the German top-tier league is making them one of the least attractive sides to root for. The relegation candidates have been winless since the season kicked off, although they were able to obtain three points from the three draws they produced with three other teams. While they are undeniably resilient, they cannot escape the fact that they have trouble avoiding fouls, preventing their opponents from making clear-cut chances, and defending their set pieces.

Freiburg, meanwhile, may have never been part of the drop zone since the season opening but they neither made significant spectacles to take them in the top half of the league table. In fact, they are barely making it above the relegation bottom as they never ranked higher than the 14th spot since their tournament debut.


Online betting tip: Werder Bremen will earn their first win of the season from this tourney versus Freiburg.




Hoffenheim vs. Schalke 04

Match Date: 04 October 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Wirsol Rhein-Neckar-Arena


Hoffenheim spent the bulk of their campaign for the new season drawing against their rivals, which include encounters versus Werder Bremen, Wolfsburg, Freiburg, and most recently, Mainz 05. They had an excellent debut into the tournament after they trounced Augsburg in a clean sheet at home. Three weeks ago, they also made successful rally for all the points when they managed to thump Stuttgart. They currently rank in the top four of Bundesliga.

For the past six weeks, Schalke have equally distributed their points to all possible match results. They were winners against Werder Bremen and Dortmund, but were also losers at the hands of Hannover and Monchengladbach. Moreover, they scored draws with Bayern Munich and Frankfurt. These results made them neither the favorites nor the underdogs of the competition. They rank 10th in the table.


Football betting tip: Hoffenheim and Schalke 04 will share the spoils.