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2014-15 Bundesliga Match Previews: Week 13 (Part 4)

Hoffenheim 13

Hoffenheim 13

Hoffenheim vs. Hannover 96

Match Date: 30 November 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Wirsol Rhein-Neckar Arena

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The last three weeks of Bundesliga have been devastating for Hoffenheim. After conceding seven (collectively) goals to M’gladbach and Cologne, the side again let go of four goals but scored zero against Bayern Munich. These successive losses inevitably took a toll on their form and league ranking. From as high as the top spot (debut week), they are now deom to the eighth position. Although this is still a relatively safe place, their downward trend is not making them any comfortable with their top-flight campaign.

Hannover 96 also lost in their most recent Bundesliga battle, but their three previous battles gave them enough points to not plunge lower than the fifth spot. Thus far, they remain one of the stronger sides this season, having been part of the top 10 ever since the tournament began.


Football betting tip: Hoffenheim and Hannover will battle out a goalless draw.



Wolfsburg vs. Monchengladbach

Match Date: 30 November 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Volkswagen Arena


After spending their past 10 matches without a loss—including massive victories in the DFB Pokal and the UEFA Europa League, Wolfsburg have ultimately succumbed to pressure and let three goals slip out of their sight to lose all three points to Schalke 04. They scored twice in the battle, with goals coming from Olic and Bendtner. However, the defeat did not do serious damage to their campaign and are still comfortably positioned in the second spot of the league table, right next to Bayern Munich.

Monchengladbach, meanwhile, have been having a string of nightmares from their past three matches. All those battles ended miserably, which started from a goalless defeat to Dortmund, another goalless stint against Kaiserslautern in a club friendly, to a 1-3 thumping by Frankfurt. But even with these misfortunes, the side remain strong at the third position—thanks to their excellent form in the first 10 weeks of Bundesliga.


Sports betting tip: M’gladbach could be narrowly beaten by Wolfsburg.



 Frankfurt 13

Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Borussia Dortmund

Match Date: 30 November 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Commerzbank Arena

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Neither Frankfurt nor Dortmund can be considered significantly impressive this season. In fact, they are both disappointing. Remaining as a bottom half club since the last season, Frankfurt did very little to improve their form. They are employing repeat tactics and it is not giving them any favor. Dortmund, however, is much more frustrating. Last season’s runners up are having a horrible season. It has been so horrible that they landed in the relegation zone twice. Currently, they rank in the 16th spot with only 11 points under their belt and goal difference of -5. A massive reform in their gameplay is necessary to improve their form. They also need serious progress in their defense and scoring.


Online betting tip: Frankfurt and Dortmund will be rendered equal in this meeting.