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Match Predictions: French Ligue 1 (Week 8)

Soccer - Friendly - Leicester City v AS Monaco - King Power Stadium

Soccer - Friendly - Leicester City v AS Monaco - King Power Stadium

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Ligue 1 is progressing with increasingly breathtaking finishes. With week 8 approaching, will the momentum keep its pace or will things suddenly fall off? Here are insights into the possible outcomes of the matches to be held on September 29.


Reims vs. Monaco

If not for a lousy opener, Reims would have maintained an undefeated streak. Following their 2-1 loss from Rennes, the side have since been able to veer away from the losers’ empire. Most of these matches, however, resulted in a draw with just two wins to provide them with a clearly positive finish. The current ensemble are in danger of a breakdown, as five of the side’s players have been sidelined due to injury. Coach Hubert Fournier need to look into the best positions to minimize any uncomfortable nuisance, especially that tackling their opponents, Monaco, would seem a tall order.


Monaco remain undefeated, having earned five victories and two draws. The club have already obtained 13 goals in just seven matches, with only three goals conceded. Raking a total of 17 points, Monaco stay strong with a top 1 ranking. Despite a possible absence by Barazite and Dirar in their upcoming match, Monaco could still manage to keep their rigor with Falcao and Riviere still on the go for a rumble. Following a 1-1 draw with the side’s most formidable challengers yet (PSG), the troupe were back to their usual modus operandi of slamming ‘smaller’ opponents, such as Bastia. Team boss Claudio Ranieri is confident that his men will continue a comfortable run ‘til the tournament’s conclusion.


Football betting tip: Even if they seem far much stronger than many of their fellow Ligue 1 contenders, Reims still appear inferior of Monaco. Defeating the last-mentioned side would be a tremendous challenge for the former. In this round, a second defeat for Reims is very likely to happen. Monaco will finish this battle with a two-goal lead over their adversary.


Rennes vs. Nantes

Rennes were off to a good Ligue 1 start after obtaining a win in their curtain raiser. This, however, was later followed by an upset when the side visited the Stade Municipal du Ray to compete with Nice, finishing the battle in a 2-1 downfall. But Rennes have since recovered, thanks to satisfactory wins and draws they obtained from their third to seventh matches. Their current standing at number six cannot promise any strong follow-up, though, as six of the troupe’s men will not be available to play in their upcoming match due to injury.


As for Nantes, three of their players were sidelined due to health reasons. This might take a toll on the side’s better-than-okay form but coach Michel Der Zakarian will not allow that to happen, especially not after securing a win (from Nice) in their most recent tourney. The victory is the side’s third for this season, following successful stints in their curtain raiser and in their fifth appearance. Rounding up their streak are three defeats and one draw, for a total score of 10 points to place them in the league table’s top nine.


Football betting tip: This tourney will extract some of the best maneuvers from both sides. A good display must therefore be expected. With their defenses almost meeting at the same point and conversion abilities nearly identical, Rennes and Nantes will end their clash in a potential 1-1 draw.


Ajaccio vs. Montpellier

Trailing Ajaccio’s disappointing 0-1 curtain raiser are three lame draws and two uninspiring defeats. Thanks to a one-goal lead over Lyon in their most recent match, the side are no longer one of the squads that are yet to deliver a win. However, a true source of joy the triumph might have been, it was still not enough to propel Fabrizio Ravanelli’s men to the league table’s higher ranks. The squad are currently seated at number 17, which is just one spot above the relegation trinity.


Montpellier’s form is not showing anything that will cause football supporters to go crazy about them. Their 1-1 draw in the curtain raiser was just an okay attempt to lure spectators into favoring them, at least much better than the 4-1 loss they incurred in their second match (against Monaco). The defeat largely pulled them off the grid, and while they may have won their clash against Sochaux in their third stint, they were still spared from occupying the league table’s top nine. Following their win were an unbroken string of draws which they obtained from clubs like Nice, Reims, Evian, and Rennes.


Football betting tip: Of the five matches they had with Ajaccio, Montpellier have won four times. Of this same period, Ajaccio was only able to bring home the bacon once. In this upcoming match, Montpellier are likely to add another gold fillings to this record. The combat will result in a 2-1 finish in favor of Jean Fernandez’s players.