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Ligue 1 Prediction: Paris Saint Germain vs. Bordeaux

Paris Saint Germain - Week 11

Match Date: 25 October 2014 (local time)

Venue: Parc des Princes


With another striker out, will Paris Saint Germain (PSG) still make it to the title race?

Paris Saint Germain - Week 11

The contenders

Paris Saint Germain

Many witnessed  PSG’s (unexpected) decline when Zlatan Ibrahimovic incurred an injury that left him on the sideline for quite some time. But what will happen to the defending champion if they lose another poacher on the pitch?


Such is the question that PSG wants to answer as the celebrated Edinson Cavani or El Matador received a controversial booking during the face-off against Lens. Cavani, who just converted a penalty was sent off after performing his “sniper” celebration—something which has been his trademark since his name enchanted the football scene.


According to reports, the referee Nicolas Rainville said that the gesture was directed towards a Lens supporter and so a red card was necessary.


Despite the unjustifiable call though, PSG was able to snatch the three (3) points against the host. The squad propelled to the 2nd spot of the Ligue 1 table and currently trails Marseille by a highly manageable seven (7) points.



Frustration currently resides at Bordeaux camp after dropping a point against a persistent Caen.


The club was forced to settle for an even steven finish after Caen’s Herve Bazile score the equalizer on the 77th minute.


Bordeuax is one of the strongest clubs that have emerged this season and could readily impress. Unfortunately, the said stalemate resulted to a drop in their Ligue 1 rank. The club currently occupies the 3rd spot of France’s top-flight league.



Possible head turners

Zlatan and Cavani may be out, but the heavy favorite of sports betting site—PSG should not worry as they have the reliable Yohan Cabaye to give them the boost they need.



Paris Saint Germain 0-1 Bordeaux


Image Source: Sports Keeda