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Ligue 1 Match Prediction: Ajaccio vs. Lille



Match Date: 02 March 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Stade Francois-Coty



Their defeat was not a surprise, especially when the unbeaten Montpellier are the ones going to fight against them. The sides’ face-off the other day at the Stade de la Mosson saw the hosts earn their sixth victory this season while the visitors have had to spend another week in the waterloo after failing to find the net. Mounier opened the scoring in the 55th minute while Cabella found just enough opportunity to close the match with another Montpellier goal on stoppage time.

Ajaccio, with the exception of their victory at Rennes, are barely making any progress in the season. Their exit from the top-flight league is almost certain, having scored only 14 points and conceding 46 goals in 26 matches.



Lille’s campaign to reach the table’s summit was again put to hiatus after they forced a goalless draw with Lyon. The René Girard side had their strong defense deservedly matched by Les Gones, and both sides suffered tremendous levels of difficulty into scoring goals or at least making chances. The match’s first 25 minutes came a little shy, but it soon became feistier as the players started engaging in more aggressive maneuvers. Nevertheless, it still closed with the two troupes dropping two points apiece.

While they are comfortably positioned in the top three, Les Dogues are still 10 points behind Monaco or 15 points if table leaders PSG are the point of reference. Comparison by goal difference is even more definitive, with the top two squads ahead of Lille by 32 and 13, goals respectively.


Sports betting tip: Ajaccio might break into pieces as they crash into the iceberg that is Lille. A clean sheet by the visitors is very plausible from this tourney.


Lille | Image source: Zimbio