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Ligue 1 Club Review: Nantes



Like AS Monaco, Nantes also waited for quite some time before it reclaimed its Ligue 1 status. But unlike Monaco, Nantes was not  really keen on snatching the title against Paris Saint Germain (PSG). Instead, its main goal is focused on surviving the season.


Considering the strengths of its opponents, Nantes can only hope for the last spot of Ligue 1 table. But lo and behold, the newly promoted squad has managed to land on the 13th spot and even outlast the league regulars such as Montpellier, Guingamp, Nice and Evian Thonon Gaillard.


The first half of the 2013/2014 season has been fairly good for the Canaries. However, the second half was a total struggle. After the holidays, Nantes thrived only through stalemates. Securing three (3) points became a major burden. Yet, if only those matches worked in their favor, there is a strong possibility for Nantes to penetrate the top ten (10) and be an ultimate pick of football betting tips.




Match to remember

Nantes’ admirable run in Coupe de la Ligue is worthy of praise and recognition. They were unbeaten in their three (3) matches, which were respectively pitted against Lorient, Auxerre and Nice. It may have experienced defeat against PSG, but their undefeated run overcame all the disappointment during the PSG loss.


Match to forget

The beginning of the season’s second half was Nantes’ worst performance. From January to May, the team has only won thrice and almost made them a top relegation contender.


The scene-stealers

Filip Djordevic has been the doyen and mastermind of Nantes’ promotion. The striker has always lived to expectations since their Ligue 2 days until they attained their top-flight league status. Unfortunately, it will be Lazio which will benefit from the services of this talismanic striker.


Latest Additions

Early this year, the Swiss Federal Supreme Court slapped Nantes with a one-year transfer embargo. The sanction was due to breaching the regulations expected in the transfer of Ismael Bangoura.


With this colossal problem at hand, it looks like the Canaries will be looking forward to another survival project.



Image Source: Bleacher Report