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2014-2015 Ligue 1 Predictions: Week 18 (Part 1)

Paris Saint GErmain- Week 18

Lyon vs. Caen


Match Date: 12 December 2014 (local time)

Venue: Stade Gerland



Lyon’s late minute win over Evian Thonon Gaillard generates the confidence that they need to face the newly-promoted Caen. Despite the fact that they’re the match’s online betting favorite and that they have the home court advantage, they cannot afford to be complacent.
There’s a high possibility for Caen to feature during the said encounter in order to avoid a tough survival battle towards the end of the season. Lyon, of course, will not want to see itself stunned in its very own territory.



Caen should employ a different perspective towards their current team form to help them retain their Ligue 1 status. The best approach is to use it to inspire them in their survival quest.
So far, Caen is winless in its last six (6) matches.




Lyon 2-0 Caen

Paris Saint GErmain- Week 18


Nantes vs. Bordeaux


Match Date: 13 December 2014 (local time)

Venue: La Beaujoire-Louis Fonteneau



Nantes’ 3rd consecutive defeat was the culprit behind its (consistent) slip in the Ligue 1 table. Pitted against Paris Saint Germain, the squad found it hard to respond to Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s attack on the pitch. Nantes has only won once during its last six (6) matches and apparently, they can no longer afford to lose their upcoming match if they wish to see some improvements in their current rank.



An eager Bordeaux will face Nantes in its aim to penetrate the top three (3). Just recently, the club snatched a narrow victory against a determined Lorient, which propelled them to the 5th spot of the league table.


So far, Bordeaux’s current form has been impressive. Yet, still, they need to be extra careful to avoid an unexpected and frustrated loss.



Nantes 1-2 Bordeaux


Image Source: La Sicilia