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Premier League Betting Tips: Norwich City vs. Everton



The 22nd season of the Premier League will unfold on August 17, with Norwich City and Everton to comprise two the first competing sides to inaugurate the tournament. The match will be held at the Carrow Road, home stadium of The Canaries.
Earlier this year, Norwich City and the away team, Everton, have exchanged gears to win a place in the last season of Premier League, with The Toffees eventually losing their battle to their opponents 2-1. Matches earlier than that, however, were barely saying enough words to determine which team is stronger than the other as almost all of those tourneys ended in a draw. Is the most recent one-goal lead of Norwich already an indication that they will be in their full swing in the opening tourney or will Everton use it as a motivation to rise and improve their faculties.
Taking into account their last Premier League performances, Norwich seem to have the upper hand over Everton. They won three times in their last tourneys, overthrowing strong teams such as Manchester City 2-3, West Bromwich 4-0, and Reading 2-1. These, albeit losing a pair of matches to Aston Villa and Stoke City, were crucial additions to the side’s 44-point overall score in that season.
Everton, while obtaining only two wins in their last five Premier League matches (along with two losses and one draw), cannot be definitely considered the small fry. The Roberto Martínez-led team achieved a much higher overall score than Chris Hughton’s players, posting 63 goal points and ranking in the sixth spot of the League table (by comparison, Norwich stood at the 11th place). Their winning scores were essentially obtained from their previous matches.
It is expected that The Canaries and The Toffees will make the best shots out of their finest resources, an inherent trait to their strong-willed nature. But new statistics is telling reliable information, which the supporters of Everton would find really elevating.


Prediction: Everton will end up victorious




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