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Match Previews: Premier League

Tottenham v South China - Barclays Asia Trophy: Third Place Play-Off

Tottenham v South China - Barclays Asia Trophy: Third Place Play-Off

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This season’s Premier League is peppered with nearly unpredictable turn of events. The table rankings are drastically changing from time to time and the league leaders in one match period do not necessarily be the frontrunners in the following set of fixtures. Here are a few match previews that will serve as guide as to how the Premier League will take its shape this coming week. All matches will be held on Saturday, September 28.


Tottenham Hotspur vs. Chelsea


Tottenham Hotspur are currently nestled in the table’s second highest placement, after accumulating four wins, one defeat, and a total score of 12 points. The side will have to bulk up a little harder as they will be faced with a major challenge from another Premier League superpower, Chelsea. The match will be held at the White Hart Lane stadium on a 19:45 kick-off.


Tottenham’s Etienne Capoue and Aaron Lennon, as well as Chelsea’s Tomas Kalas, are all sidelined due to injury. This means that both teams will have the opportunity to take advantage of each other’s deficiency but will also need to look after their teammates to prevent their enemies from creating scoring chances. Four of Tottenham’s past five matches have been superb. The fixtures were soaring victories, with just one tourney falling off the lane. Chelsea’s previous matches, meanwhile, were generally riveting, except for two battles that ended in zero goals (one draw, one loss).


Football betting tip: Although they have been robust in their Premier League stint this season, Chelsea were quite ill in the continental tourneys after incurring back-to-back defeats in the Super Cup and Champions League. Whereas Tottenham are giving off pulsating performances in their recent matches, capped by an impressive win over Tromso in the Champions League. In this match between the English powerhouses, a victorious Tottenham might see themselves waving their flag by end of the tourney.


Fulham vs. Cardiff City


Neither Fulham nor Cardiff City are experiencing a bountiful stint this season. Both sides are currently ranked in the league table’s lower half, and none of them have achieved an overall score greater than five points. However, these irregularities do not mean that the teams are not doing any good. Their past matches saw them compete with heavily armed opponents and battling out with them just turned out to be tremendous. With them to launch a faceoff this weekend, Fulham and Cardiff City will have the opportunity to make a good comeback. It would just be matter of stringent preparation to know which of the sides will emerge as the better squad.


Cardiff have so far conceded six goals, while Fulham have let go of seven. Both sides’ previous tourneys were less than impressive, with just one win to place any positive result in the sides’ individual streak. Fulham lost in three of their battles, despite debuting in the season with a good start. Cardiff were defeated twice and drawn with their opponents twice as well.


Football betting tip: To see two closely ranked sides fight over a Premier League title would seem exciting.  Cardiff and Fulham might have been generally unlucky this season, but the tides are not yet ebbing away from them. For this match, a draw will temporarily settle any conflict. The sides will have a generous time to prepare more adequately for their upcoming tourneys.


Manchester United vs. West Bromwich Albion

Manchester United picked up their Premier League debut with a massive 4-1 success over Swansea City, followed by a 0-0 draw with Chelsea and a 0-1 defeat from Liverpool in their third appearance. West Bromwich, meanwhile, started their campaign with zero goals and eventual winners Southampton netting the only score in the match. This was later followed by a 0-0 draw with Everton and another defeat from Swansea City.


In hindsight, both Manchester United and West Bromwich have been fairly successful in the English top-tier football. After scoring all the possible results in their first three matches, The Red Devils delivered their second win (over Crystal Palace 2-0) in their fourth duel, but only to be countered by a massive downfall from arch-rivals Manchester City in their most recent, and highly anticipated tourney. West Bromwich, on the other hand, followed up their first three tourneys with a tight encounter with Fulham, ending their match in a 1-1 stalemate. The Baggies achieved their first win in the season from their fifth and most recent match, securing a three-goal lead over empty-handed Sunderland.


Football betting tip: Manchester and West Bromwich’s streaks are a little confusing to look at, as both squads are minted with a large dose of inconsistency. However, when overall scoring potentials are taken into account, Manchester United will have the upper hand in this battle. In addition, four out of the five previous meetings between these sides were won by The Red Devils.


Hull City vs. West Ham United


West ham

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While both Hull City and West Ham United scored winning goals in the League Cup, their English Premier League streaks have a different story to tell. Having almost identical match results, the sides are only separated by two points. Of the five matches they had so far, Hull City won twice, also defeated twice, and forced a draw once. West Ham, meanwhile, have only won once, drawn in two occasions, and were defeated in two matches.


Hull City and West Ham United are currently ranked in the league table at numbers 11 and 15, respectively. The former have already conceded seven goals for their opponents while the latter have given their rivals four chances to make a score. Both sides are also shouldering injured players, with Hull having three men sidelined and West Ham, two.


Football betting tip: Of their last five meetings with their current opponents, West Ham United have already won four times, with the remainder ending in a draw. Recent statistics also put the East London-based club in a higher position than Hull City. With these and among other considerations, West Ham will finish this tourney successfully.


Southampton vs. Crystal Palace


Courtesy of five matches, Southampton have only been defeated once, thus far. Their debut in the new Premier League season rendered the side triumphant after securing a late but crucial goal from a very tight clash against West Bromwich. Their subsequent matches gave them two draws, one (aforementioned) defeat, and a second victory. Crystal Palace, meanwhile, are in dire need of another win to help them veer away from the relegation zone. The side have only won once in the season, and the rest of their fixtures were upsets, giving them only three points as overall score and a relegation-prone status.


Newly promoted Crystal Palace are facing yet another heavy threat from Premier League returnees, the Saints. As if conceding eight goals is not yet indicative of the side’s volatile form, Palace have hampered themselves again with five players sidelined. Southampton are free of any player deficit and are very confident that this upcoming match with the South Norwood-based club will end in their favor. However, with football’s ever-random results, Palace might fetch motivation from their string of downfalls and force a draw, or even a win, from this battle.


Football betting tip: As clear as crystal, Palace players are having a difficult season. A surprise win will indeed make for a great surprise; but as far as consistency, statistics, and ensemble capacities are concerned, this match will see Southampton bag a two-goal lead over their challengers.


Aston Villa vs. Manchester City


Manchester City recently defeated their arch-rivals, Manchester United, in a massive 4-1 slamming, giving them a very remarkable victory to follow up their 3-0 success against Viktoria Plzen in the Champions League. Now slated to visit the Villa Park in Birmingham to compete against Aston Villa, the side are looking forward to create yet another magnificent finish.


Aston Villa started their Premier League campaign in a substantial 3-1 win over current table leaders, Arsenal. This success, however, was easily forgotten after three consecutive defeats were incurred by the Paul Lambert-led team in their subsequent tourneys. Chelsea, Liverpool, and Newcastle United all stole a total of five goals from the side. In their fifth appearance, fortunately, The Villa were able to prevent their long-due calamity after earning the only goal in the match against Norwich City. In addition, the side finished their brawl with Rotherham United in the League Cup with a brilliant 3-0 triumph.


Although they have generally crossed the Premier League threshold impressively well, Manchester City’s streak is not entirely perfect. Of the five matches they have engaged in, one battle turned out painful (defeated by Cardiff City 2-3) and another one ended in a bland draw (with Stoke City 0-0). All the other three, however, were easy victories.


Football betting tip: Most estimates place Manchester City to be above Aston Villa. These estimates will soon become actual facts, as City will indeed conquer The Villa in this round.


Swansea City vs. Arsenal


Arsenal 2013

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Arsenal have more players sidelined than Swansea, and the latter should capitalize on this opportunity to earn winning points from the league table’s current leaders. But The Gunners stay strong with their remaining players still fully equipped to make some powerful innings; hence, a thrilling match with The Swans should still be expected.


Whether in the Premier league or in the more competitive Champions League, Arsenal went home largely successful. If not for a lousy season debut, The Gunners would have made their campaign perfectly neat, with four consecutive wins trivializing their 1-3 opening defeat from Aston Villa. In the continental championships, by comparison, Arsène Wenger’s men are yet to obtain a draw or a loss.


Swansea City had their first two Premier League tourneys in utter disappointments. A 1-4 defeat from Manchester United in the curtain raiser and a 0-1 loss from Tottenham in their second match were definitely not good signs of an English top-flight league campaign. Thanks to a two-goal lead over West Bromwich, a 2-2 draw with Liverpool, and a 2-0 win against Crustal Palace in the side’s third, fourth, and fifth matches, The Swans were able to climb above the relegation zone and achieved their current rank (a fine ninth place).


Football betting tip: Perhaps, Swansea have already recovered from their dismaying first two openings, but Arsenal have shown more dramatic improvements from their upsetting curtain raiser. In this round, The Gunners will remain atop of their game and steal stirring goals from their opponents.