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Match Predictions: English Premier League (Week 7)



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The English top-tier football is gearing up toward its seventh week. This marks the tournament’s rapidly escalating momentum, and staying on track of the hottest pitch events will prove worthwhile. Here are some insights into the possible outcomes of the matches to be held this October 5 and 6.


Manchester City vs. Everton

Last season’s runners up are now just ranked outside the top five. Manchester City’s current form is not necessarily bad, but quite disappointing in some respects. A very strong 4-0 win at opening day promised the side a brilliant run this season, but that was immediately spoiled after Cardiff City thrashed them in their second match, 3-2. Two victories and one draw later followed this upset, but only to be defeated again in their most recent battle, by Aston Villa 3-2. By continental performance, however, Manchester City soar high. The club made a compelling 3-0 win over Viktoria Plzen in the Champions League and slammed Wigan Athletic in the League Cup 5-0.


Everton’s first two home matches in the Premier League gave them a clean sheet, but for their three away tourneys, the club have already conceded four goals. Regardless, the side remain undefeated after securing three draws and two wins, thus far (first five matches). A 2-1 defeat from Fulham in the League Cup, however, may be the only stain to tarnish the club’s almost-clean, recent record.


Football betting tip: It will be an exhaustive rumble between these sides, but as per scoring mechanisms, reliability of players, and overall capacity to bring home the bacon, Manchester City could outrun their enemies by a mile.


Cardiff City vs. Newcastle United

Cardiff City’s current form is short of any confidence that they will finish the season strongly. A 2-0 defeat in the side’s opening gave them a miserable start for the season. Fortunately, this was successfully countered by a 3-2 victory in their second stint, which they had with Manchester City. Two draws and another defeat followed this win. In their most recent match, Cardiff City lorded over Fulham; thanks to a late goal by Jordon Mutch, the troupe extracted some points from the match to place them in the league table’s 11th spot.


Newcastle United kicked off their Premier League campaign rather poorly. The 4-0 downfall from Manchester City gave them a tragic opening, and despite securing a draw with West Ham United in their second stint, the side were still not able to escape from occupying the table’s lower ranks. In their third and fourth tourneys, however, Newcastle enjoyed back-to-back victories in the pitch. Fulham and Aston Villa both succumbed to the side’s assault, thanks mainly to the agile innings of Ben Arfa. A 2-3 loss in their fifth match gave the club their second defeat in the season.


Football betting tip: The last two matches that these teams have engaged in raked astounding results. The sides switched places in those tourneys, such that Newcastle won in the first clash 5-1 and Cardiff dominated the second one 4-1. In this upcoming battle, another fierce encounter should be expected. None of the sides will win, though, as the meeting will result in a draw.


Fulham vs. Stoke City

Fulham have three men sidelined: Ashkan Dejagah, Maarten Stekelenburg, and Matthew Briggs. The ballooning number of unavailable players will potentially take Fulham to another place outside the Premier League hurricane’s eye.  The side’s journey in the competitions has been problematic, with just one win to put any clearly positive result in their streak. A successful curtain raiser was never followed by a similar feat, and instead, was trailed by a string of defeats and one deadlock. Current standings place the club at number 18—in danger of relegation.


Jamie Ness won’t be able to turn up in Stoke City’s future match or matches, but other than that, the side have no more unavailability problems. The club started their season out of tune, surrendering to Liverpool in a match that yielded them with zero goals. However, the two successive wins they had in their subsequent matches were more than enough to make up for their dull opener. Thanks to the impressive goals from Adam, Shawcross, and Pennant, the side beat Crystal Palace 2-1 and West Ham United 1-0. In their fourth tourney, Stoke City obtained their first draw in the season (with Manchester City) and in their last two matches—despite strong performances from their players—they went back to where they started after securing defeats from Arsenal 1-3 and Norwich City 0-1.


Online betting tip: This match will showcase what Fulham and Stoke City have been failing to display in their previous battles. A close encounter this may produce, but the first-mentioned team might lose this battle (again) to their challengers.



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Hull City vs. Aston Villa

As per six matches, Hull City have already scored six goals and conceded seven, for overall points of 10 to place them in the table’s top seven. The impressive rank was initially marred by a 2-0 defeat in the season opening, but the side have eventually recovered since. A 1-0 win in their second stint improved their form but the club were again put on a dismaying place after being defeated in their third match. Fortunately, their subsequent matches have been pretty remarkable, after securing a draw and earning two additional victories.


Aston Villa are currently ranked at number nine, after accumulating nine points from three wins and three losses. Their most recent match gave the side their first home win in the season, following the two dreadful home defeats their suffered from welcoming Liverpool and Newcastle United. Paul Lambert’s men had to step up their game in order to break their ‘home tragedy curse’ and make their form sturdier for fans’ contentment. Not only was the win their first victory at home this term, but it was also a paramount success as they have defeated last season’s runners up, Manchester City.


Online betting tip: Their last five encounters with Hull City rendered Aston Villa as the dominant achievers. None of those matches were won by Hull, although all of those challenges delivered stunning drills from both sides. In this match, Aston Villa will continue their supremacy over their rivals.


Liverpool vs. Crystal Palace

Liverpool’s very strong 13-point overall score provided them with the privilege to lead 18 other league participants. The side are currently placed at number two, just behind Arsenal. A string of robust opening matches initially put the side in the top spot, but a surprise 0-1 loss (their only) from Southampton probably caused their standing to go flat a little bit. Nevertheless, Liverpool keep a so much more impressive run this season than they hadk last term, and are expected to continue their success until the tournament marks its finale next year.


Meek Crystal Palace are apparently having a difficult season. The newly promoted club are facing tremendous pressure and adjustment issues in the English top-tier football, as observed in their poor stunts in most of their matches. Of the six meetings they have battled out, the side have managed to win just once. They ended up as underdogs in the rest of their tourneys. That said, they currently comprise one of the league’s bottom three.


Football betting tip: There is hardly a reason why this match won’t go in favor of Liverpool. The side are showing magnificent stunts while Crystal Palace are lacking in capacity to show any surprise counterattack. A 4-1 victory from this match will give Liverpool their fifth win this season.


Sunderland vs. Manchester United

Sunderland and Manchester United both sealed their most recent (respective) matches with a failure; the only difference is that the former had their last match as only their third defeat this season while the latter recorded theirs as their sixth upset already.

With no win to clad their form—and just one draw to make any passable result—Sunderland have easily plummeted into the table’s most dreaded position. Paolo Di Canio’s removal as the side’s team coach did not help Sunderland to rise above their situation. Added to that is the growing list of injured players who will not be able to turn up in the club’s future matches. With many things to consider and several factors to think over, Sunderland have to push their limits to escape complete demise. At this very crucial point of the competition, a win is way beyond a break in their very poor form; it is a necessity.


The defending champions are no longer at the top of the table. Currently placed at number 12, Manchester United have had a steep decline. Coach David Moyes is having a hard time satisfying people’s expectations, amid high pressures of replicating—if not surpassing—the heavily successful stint of erstwhile team coach, Alex Ferguson. Although the side opened their campaign with a strong 1-4 victory over Swansea, Manchester United now have more defeats than wins to show. They succumbed to teams like Liverpool, Manchester City, and West Bromwich, and have drawn once with Chelsea.


Football betting tip: They may be declining in the rankings, but Manchester United still have the capacity to overthrow their enemies. In this match, there is very high possibility that the side will earn positive points. Sunderland are relatively ‘easy’ opponents to beat, and Moyes’ should celebrate for an expected victory in this round.


Chelsea v SL Benfica - 2013 UEFA Europa League Final

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Norwich City vs. Chelsea

Following two consecutive defeats (from Tottenham Hotspur and Aston Villa) in the Premier League, Norwich City bounced back to the ranks with a successful match against Stoke City 1-0. At the back of that is their 3-2 victory over Watford in the League Cup. The side are still ranked below the top 10 but with some improvements in their recent stints—and with the likes of Howson and Hooper beefing up their game—there is a good chance that they will finish the season strong.


As with the years past, Chelsea remain to be one of the strongest warriors in the English top-flight tournament. Currently ranked at number four, the side have already won three times, forced a draw twice, and were defeated only once. They are carrying a total score of 11 points from six matches, topped by seven goals they obtained from four tourneys.


Online betting tip: Chelsea are heading to a magnificent visit to Norwich City’s home court. The obvious favorites (both popularly and technically), the away side will win this round in a riveting 2-1 finish.


Southampton vs. Swansea City

Southampton have already netted six innings this season, with just two goals seized by their opponents. Of the six matches they had in the Premier League, three were victories, two were draws, and only one was defeat. Their most recent outing gave them extra points to improve their form; thanks to a depleted Crystal Palace and the powerful goals from Osvaldo and Lambert, Southampton are now in the table’s top five.


Swansea City had a painful start in the season, having suffered a defeat in their first two matches. A 2-0 win over West Bromwich in their third appearance gave the side new hope to paint a good future in the tournament, which was further strengthened by a draw and another win in their subsequent battles. In their most recent combat, however, Michael Laudrop’s men were thumped by Arsenal. They are currently seated at the table’s 13th spot.


Online betting tip:  This round will see both Southampton and Swansea City exhaust all resources to rule their rivalries over. The meeting will surely result in tight encounter, and the two sides drawing by the end of the competition is not necessarily an impossible scene.