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Ashley Cole Says Sorry To FA, Will Not Face Ban Anymore

EPL - Premier League - Chelsea - Ashley Cole

EPL - Premier League - Chelsea - Ashley Cole

Chelsea left-back Ashley Cole relented to pressure coming from the FA over his offensive remarks in social media and apologized to the ruling football body of England.

Cole made the remarks through his Twitter account in light of the issue concerning John Terry’s racism case. The Chelsea captain and centre-back, who announced his retirement from international football, received a fine and a four-match ban.

David Bernstein, FA chair, said that Cole went personally to him and made the apology prior to addressing it in public. He claimed that the player “showed real remorse” for what he did and hinted that he would not receive any penalty or ban from playing international football anymore.

Now, it is up to England manager Roy Hodgson to select Cole as part of his World Cup qualifier starting line-up. They are bound to face San Marino and Poland this month. The manager expressed his satisfaction over the player’s apology and Bernstein’s acceptance.

Hodgson added that he knew that Bernstein was deeply upset with the incident and that he is grateful and calmed that it already met a settlement. He called Cole as “one of the best left-backs in the world”, emphasizing that his dedication to his international duty is a significant boost for England.

With 98 caps made for the international team, observers see Cole as a possible candidate for the captaincy. Bernstein said that the FA has very high standards for captains, calling the player’s possible designation as captain “unlikely” for the meantime.

Prior to the apology, the FA charged Cole over the message he made on Twitter last Friday. The player threw an expletive against the ruling body when they called his evidence for Terry’s racism case “doubtful”.

Following the incident, former England captain and striker Alan Shearer remarked that Cole needs punishment through a ban in his next international match. The player took to Twitter again to lash back at Shearer.