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2014-2015 Premier League Previews: Week 12 (Part 3)

West Ham United - week 12

Arsenal vs. Manchester United


Match Date: 22 November 2014 (local time)

Venue: Emirates Stadium



Arsenal’s disappointing and frustrating feats have become quite ordinary. Sad as it may sound, but the Gunners need a major revamp in its form. This is despite keeping a tight grip in the league’s top five (5).


Just recently, the squad earned another loss. But this time, it was in the hands of Swansea. Despite Alexis Sanchez’s efforts of taking the lead for the squad, the team’s defence fell short and Swansea exploited it.


Due to its inconsistent performances, the club slowly loses its appeal to many of its followers. And it seems that Arsenal’s problem will not end soon. The former Real Madrid playmaker, Mesut Ozil will be sidelined for yet another seven (7) weeks after incurring a knee ligament injury.


Manchester United

Like Arsenal, Manchester United is also looking for stability. The club has lost its strength and power since Alex Ferguson’s exit and is desperate to return to its winning ways.


Last week, the team earned a narrow win against Crystal Palace, thanks to the reliable Juan Mata. But the result neither impressed nor enthralled many. They were overt online betting favorites mainly because of Crystal Palace’s lowly status. The biggest issue that the Red Devils must confront is not how they won against the Eagles, but how such win could help them improve.


Now ask about its chances of winning against Arsenal, we say, it’s a bit slim and so far, a stalemate is the best result that the Red Devils can pull off.



Arsenal 1-1 Manchester United

West Ham United - week 12


Everton vs. West Ham United


Match Date: 22 November 2014 (local time)

Venue: Goodison Park



Another stalemate forced Everton to slow down in its attempt to climb the Premier League table. The squad was down to the 10th spot when the Black Cats stunned them with their balanced defence and offense.


In its last six (6) matches, Everton has been capitalizing on draws to generate points. The one against Sunderland was their second consecutive even steven finish. Although they were able to salvage a draw, such result has been readily hurting their campaign.


West Ham United

From last season’s mid-table to the Premier League elite, West Ham is indeed, one of the dark horses that could generate a strong finish. Although they have been struck with two (2) consecutive draws, it doesn’t erase the fact that they’re the 4th best squad in the league. They have only lost twice since the season started and should they remain consistent in their performance, there’s a high possibility for them to qualify for a Champions League slot next season.



Everton 1-2 West Ham United




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