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2014-2015 Premier League Predictions: Week 18 (Part 3)

Sunderland- Week 18

Sunderland vs. Hull


Match Date: 26 December 2014 (local time)

Venue: Stadium of Light


After several matches of exploiting stalemates and sharing spoils to its opponent, Sunderland secured its 3rd victory and moved a few notches away from the relegation zone. The squad snatched an upset against the online betting favorite,  Newcastle United via clinching a narrow 1-0 victory. And with their upcoming match  held in their own territory, there’s a high possibility for the Black Cats to enjoy another well-deserved win.


Meanwhile, Hull remains winless in its last 6 matches. The worst part of it was that they were unable to score a single goal in 7 of its last 9 matches. This situation has been affecting their goal difference and therefore, explains why they are lingering in the 19th spot of the league table.



Sunderland 2-0 Hull

Sunderland- Week 18



Swansea vs. Aston Villa


Match Date: 26 December 2014 (local time)

Venue: Liberty Stadium


It is only fitting to expect a down the wire match between Swansea and Aston Villa. Both squads showed spectacular performances, which created a positive impact to their morale and confidence.


Swansea just destroyed Hull’s  hopes of leaving the relegation zone when they snatched a 1-0 victory. The said win was crucial knowing that the football bettingpick just came from 2 consecutive losses.


As for Aston Villa, certainly, forcing Manchester United to settle for a stalemate was never easy. However, their massive strength at home, ensured that they will get a point from the said match.



Swansea 1-1 Aston Villa


Image Source: Mirror