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2014-2015 Premier League Predictions: Week 16 (Part 4)

Manchester United - Week 16

Manchester United vs. Liverpool


Match Date: 14 December 2014 (local time)

Venue: Old Trafford


Manchester United

Already in its 4th winning streak, the Red Devils are really showing improvements in the pitch.  Their sudden rise received a warm welcome and bolstered by the fact that they have finally returned to their winning ways.


Manchester United also averages two (2) goals in matches that it won and with their next match to be held at Old Trafford, the club’s confidence is currently high as they try to continue its undefeated run.



Liverpool’s morale is the exact opposite of Manchester United. Last year’s football betting’s top pick for the title struggles on the 9th spot of the league table. Likewise, it was a little bit too disappointing that Sunderland, which is perceived as one of the league’s minnows, would be able to keep them at bay. Certainly, Liverpool needs to man up on the pitch should it wishes to remain in the Premier League’s elite group.



Manchester United 2-0 Liverpool

Manchester United - Week 16



Swansea vs. Tottenham


Match Date: 14 December 2014 (local time)

Venue: Liberty Stadium



After experiencing a hammering from West Ham, Swansea tries to snatch a win at home with hopes of penetrating the top five (5) of the league table.


So far, Swansea’s performance has been inconsistent. It has been a pendulum of wins, losses and stalemates, which, somehow, explains why they have a slow rise in the top-flight league. Unfortunately, they cannot continue such display or it will readily hurt their chances of securing a strong finish.



Tottenham will capitalize on the fact that Swansea has never won against them in their last six (6) encounters. Tottenham, which was also held at bay by Crystal Palace, was forced to settle for a scoreless stalemate that pushed them to the 10th spot of the league table. Despite the disappointing result, however, it is evident that Tottenham has a better form than its opponent.



Swansea 0-1 Tottenham