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2014-2015 Premier League Predictions: Week 13 (Part 2)

Chelsea - Week 13

Liverpool vs. Stoke


Match Date: 29 November 2014 (local time)

Venue: Anfield



Suffering its 3rd consecutive loss in Crystal Palace’s hands, it is only natural for the club to feel a bit disappointed and demotivated. However, they must move on and hopefully, the draw against Ludogorets will help them return to winning ways. Well, they have the advantage anyway. They’ll be playing in their own ground where they have managed to keep a clean sheet against Stoke in their last 6 matches.



Stoke is having a hard time securing a win in Anfield and this readily puts them at risk of dropping in the league table. Nevertheless, they have a better form compared to Liverpool and many are expecting that they’ll be able to use it to their advantage in the upcoming match.



Liverpool 2-0 Stoke

Chelsea - Week 13


Sunderland vs. Chelsea


Match Date: 29 November 2014 (local time

Venue: stadium of Light



Sunderland’s 3-match undefeated streak is the reason behind its successful attempt of veering away from the relegation zone. They could draw a certain amount of confidence from this scenario and the fact that they were able to prevent Chelsea from pursuing its title run last season.



Chelsea hasn’t really forgotten the upset that Sunderland caused them last season. But with a better and needless to say, stronger form, it is less likely that Chelsea will succumbed to defeat. The sports betting favorite hasn’t loss a single match since the season started and they will most likely continue their winning spree.



Sunderland 0-3 Chelsea


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