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2014-2015 Premier League Predictions: Week 12 (Part 5)

Southampton - Week 12

Hull City vs. Tottehnam


Match Date: 23 November 2014 (local time)

Venue: KC Stadium


Hull City

A red flag slowly rises within Hull City’s camp as the squad stumbled into its 4th winless match and with the loss against the minnow, Burnley, the embarrassment and humiliation continue to grow.


Hull’s performance is on the verge of reaching mediocrity. Prior to the Burnley defeat, it has been forced to be content with two (2) consecutive draws. Overall, the club has only collected five (5) points out of its last six (6) matches and in a competitive league, certainly, such performance cannot be totally accepted.



Tottenham’s  5th loss caused a major blow to the team’s ambitions to be on top of the Premier League table. The team had an impressive start during the season kick-off, but it has slowly deteriorated. What was once forecasted to feature and impress has already failed to meet expectations.


But perhaps, meeting against Hull will turn things around and transform them into a strong sports betting favorite that is able to deliver victories.



Hull City 1-0 Tottehnam

Southampton - Week 12


Aston Villa vs. Southampton


Match Date: 23 November 2014 (local time)

Venue: Villa Park


Aston Villa

Aston Villa continues to disappoint. After incurring five (5) straight losses, the last thing that the team wanted was a draw. Unfortunately, a scoreless stalemate was the best result that it could deliver last week.


Overall, the club has been winless in its last six (6) matches and has only collected a single point.



Southampton’s rise is unstoppable. After earning a narrow defeat to Tottenham, the club responded with four (4) straight wins. They have only lost once since the season started and considering how impressive their performance is, one can only expect more victories from the highly improved squad.



Aston Villa 0-2 Southampton



Image Source: The National