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2014-2015 Premier League Predictions: Week 12 (Part 4)

Liverpool- Week 12

Stoke vs. Burnley


Match Date: 22 November 2014 (local time)

Venue: Britannia Stadium



Stoke’s narrow victory against Tottenham enabled them to clinch the 9th spot of the league table.


Pitted against the minnow and relegation favorite of sports betting sites, Burnley, losing three (3) points is an unforgivable result.


Stoke’s performance has never really achieved a considerable amount of consistency, thus, there’s still a possibility, although very slim, for Burnley to pull off an upset.



Burnley can be fairly considered as the biggest winner last week. The team has been waiting for its first win in the top-flight league and it has finally materialized when they went against Hull City.


Despite staying in the rock bottom part of the table, the squad can take the positive from such victory and continue their winning streak.



Stoke 1-0 Burnley

Liverpool- Week 12


Crystal Palace vs. Liverpool


Match Date: 23 November 2014 (local time)

Venue: Selhurst Park


Crystal Palace

Troubled by its broken wings, the Eagles of Crystal Palace just earned its 2nd  consecutive defeat under the hands of Manchester United. The club has been on a losing streak and has only won once in its last six (6) matches.


Once again, the team found itself desperately trying to hold on to the 17th spot, which is just a notch away from the relegation zone.



Another frustrating loss destroys Liverpool’s confidence when they went against Chelsea.  One of the strongest title contenders last season, Liverpool seems to be content with just lingering in the mid-table. It is quite unlikely for such team to experience this unfit form considering the caliber of its players. But a nightmare is indeed, happening and Brendan Rodgers’ only option to remedy this malady is to return to its winning ways.



Crystal Palace 0-2 Liverpool



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